5 Signs Your Phone Is Hurting Your Life (Even If It Doesn’t Explode)

Oliur Rahman
Oliur Rahman

As Samsung issues a second warning for the recall of the combustible Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iPhone users find that they currently have the upper hand in the Samsung vs iPhone debate. All Galaxy Note 7s in Australia have been recalled, including the supposedly safe replacement phones. The rest of the world is not free from the debacle either, with reports of the devices catching fire overseas. Apparently, the fiery blaze of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 forced the evacuation of an airplane in the US! Suddenly, it seems that these little devices could potentially be both deadly and serious.

But the Note 7 is not the only phone with the potential for destruction. This is not the only model with the potential to harm the user or those in close proximity. Common sense and dinner table observations reveal that almost all mobile devices are posing a threat to everyday users. All mobile users be warned — the little pocket (or larger) sized devices are dangerous things.

If you have a mobile phone, please look out for the following symptoms to determine whether your device is responsible for the destruction of: quality of life, relationships, human interaction or other.

1. Your device is constantly buzzing, beeping or vibrating.

2. Day or night, your device is always turned on.

3. Your device warrants attention at every dinner, party, event.

4. Speaking/messaging on your device precedes face to face conversation.

5. The color of your wallpaper is more familiar than the color of your partner’s eyes.

Mobile devices are dangerous things; combustible, flammable things that if not closely monitored, can easily drain batteries and everyday life. If you are experiencing one or more of the above, please seek help through change of habits. A number of unsuspecting mobile users are experiencing the same symptoms as you; their lives too consumed and controlled by such little devices.

So know that you are not alone.

And put the damn phone away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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