To The Broken Hearted From The Heartbreaker

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

She wants you to know that she knows it hurts like hell, but she never intended to break you. Her decision at that point in time did not consider that the both of you would lose all that you had ever found in each other, all that you had been. And afterwards, when you could not bear to look at her; that hurt too.

Please know that her letting you go had nothing to do with your kind heart; your perfectly shaped heart moulded of naive hope and best intentions. She wants you to know that there was never any pretence so do not doubt that she did care, that she did see your worth.

It hurt her to know that she was responsible for the dimness of your smile; to witness the warmth of your smile become frozen by the words she uttered that day. And afterwards, she hoped that the tear in your heart was only paper cut deep, that her words did not cost you much in sleep.

Please understand that she looks back on your time together with love and a heavy weight on her heart. But that she defines what the two of you were to each other as nothing short of beautiful. She sticks by Marilyn Monroe and the words she spoke when she said that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

For that’s what the two of you were; a good thing.

It hurt to crush your paper heart; the heart you folded whatever way you could to please her.

Just know that you were never a mistake.

You were never a regret, never the wrong choice.

You were a good thing.

Please know that.

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