Promise Me Forever, And We Will Never Die

Promise Me Forever, And We Will Never Die

In the eyes of the world that star may have died years ago, but in my eyes now, it still burns bright. In my eyes, it is very much alive. Much like you.

Stars can continue to shine for centuries after they die. It is melancholy at its finest; there is sadness in a star’s death but beauty in its fight to keep on shining. Science may tell me that star died long ago, but the believer in me knows otherwise. Do not tell me that something that shines that bright is dead; do not tell me that it has ceased to exist. For existence itself is beyond time and space, beyond the definitions that man hung upon incomprehensible concepts.

You were that star, and so you are that star.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed and that makes you what you always were, what you still are and what you will forever be. You were that burst of energy that burned so bright and were obliterated too soon. I know your story. You are not here, which by default makes you there. And wherever there may be, I want you to know, that in the darkest of nights, your light still warms me, and I could almost swear that occasionally you burn brighter. So I can’t accept it, that you do not exist, because I know it not to be true. You are that star that science has classified as dead. Yet your voice, your laughter, our memories of the past, are still projecting themselves in the light you continue to shine on the present.

You were here for a fleeting moment by the measure of time, but aren’t we all? All of us stars, outshining the darkest nights. We absorb one another’s light and emanate our own brightness in the hope that at least one lone star may draw from our energy. We are born into this darkness to radiate, to brighten, to love so deep that we continue to burn forever.

And forever is incomprehensible; forever is beyond the scope of time and space.

Forever is not defined by how long you burn for, but by how bright you burn. You taught me forever. Light transcends time. And so do you.

I only wish for someone to bask in my light as I was able to bask in yours. I wish for someone to draw from the energy I once radiated, long after I emanate no more. I wish for someone to radiate the brightness I let them draw from me, the brightness composed of the light I drew from you. And then I wish for them the same wish I make. And as their star, I wish to find in me, what is required to grant it for them.

Then your light and mine will keep burning, emanating forever through the star gazers who choose to believe in us.

And we shall never die. Thought Catalog Logo Mark