This Woman Filmed Her Abortion — Is It Disturbing Or Awesome?

Emily Letts, a patient advocate at a reproductive clinic in New Jersey, found herself with a fresh fetus a few months ago. After promptly deciding she wasn’t ready to let the feisty egg germinate into a full-blown baby, Letts scheduled an abortion.

Having counselled so many women before their own abortions, Letts decided to open up her experience in the hopes that it would not only be relatable to women going through the same thing, but to change the shame/fear narrative built around abortions in favor of a more positive story. She talks more about her decision to film here.

Conservatives are freaking out, obviously. Like I even needed to tell you that.

I’m not going to offer much of an opinion (but I mean), but I am really wanting to hear everyone else’s. Because this video is an interesting thing to consider:

  • Is this a case of a woman honestly celebrating her autonomy and ability to make choices about her body, and choosing to present that perspective for the benefit of other women who might’ve only been taught to be ashamed of choosing to terminate an unwanted pregnancy?
  • Is it a refreshing instance of a a woman not only making that choice, but openly owning it and refusing to abide by the stigma typically associated with it?
  • Or is this a person being harshly cavalier about something deeply sensitive and personal?

I’m actually asking. Leave comments below. TC Mark

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