Video: Hear What These Awesome Little Girls Think Of The Word ‘Bossy’

Femi-capitalist Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Foundation recently launched a new campaign to bad the word “bossy”. As much shade as I can aptly throw at Lean In’s fairly limited perspective on feminist issues, I’m down with with particular message; “bossy” is undeniably a go-to word for diminishing and vilifying women who exercise power, especially in the workplace. It’s a label that dissuades young girls and women from striving to ascend to positions of leadership. Men are rarely called bossy for exhibiting the exact same behavior. Like, I get it. The campaign as a whole has received mixed reviews (Bey is on boardTC‘s Chrissy Stockton isn’t so much.)

But seeing as the mission to #banbossy is largely for the benefit of little girls as they develop their perceptions of themselves and their roles, it seems appropriate to ask them what they think of the word “bossy”. Also, it’s cute when kids talk about anything because they’re dumb in a way that adults like to attach undue wisdom to. TC Mark

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