Okay, This Is Funny: Man Wears Yoga Pants To Trick Dudes Into Thinking He’s A Girl, Calls Them Out For Staring At His Ass

If you’re a woman, and you suffer from a very serious allergy to pants like I do, you are well-aquainted with the pitfalls of wearing yoga pants or leggings in public. Like, everyone in range is shamelessly going to feast their eyes and your ass is the only thing on the menu. Personally, I made peace with it a long time ago. “Peace” meaning, it still infuriates me but I’m content to fight the anti-objectification battle in more effective ways than calling out every lecherous bro who leers at me like I’m fucking up for auction just because I walked into the coffee shop after the gym.

The fact that this video is able to exist at all is a reminder of undeniably serious issues; it’s not at all okay that any clothing choices give some guys the idea that our bodies are open for their non-consensual consumption. There is no outfit that constitutes a woman “asking for” unwanted looks (or worse), but that shit happens all the time.

And the implications of this behavior get a hell of a lot darker when you trace them to their origin and see what other horrible shit comes from that same place – men thinking it’s okay to unabashedly eye-fuck a woman with no regard for her personal comfort is one of the more casual manifestations of rape mentality (put your commenting finger back in its holster, kiddos – “rape mentality” is any thought or action justified by the idea that you can do something involving someone else’s body without their consent. Catcalling and staring are not rape, but they’re basically rape’s second cousin.)

So because all of that is part of the creepy reality women face every time they leave the house – wearing yoga pants or anything else – this video is a welcome few minutes of comic relief on the issue. And the guy in the video is hilarious and I would like to be friends with him and go to yoga class or whatever. TC Mark

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