Why Is Clay Aiken So Terrifying In His New Congress Campaign Ad?

I’m not someone who is entirely against the idea of celebrities running for political office. At this point, fuck it – there are so many people in powerful positions who seem ill-equipped for the task of walking across the street, let alone having a guiding voice in public policy, that we might as well let celebs try their hand. It’s like, “Sure, you can play paintball in my living room! There was a huge fire in there a week ago, so what are you gonna hurt?”

The most recent famous person to opt for a move from Hollywood to Capitol Hill is fabulous Joseph himself, Clay Aiken. Honestly, I could see this happening. He’s always been a total goody-goody, and is extra super white, so he wouldn’t be entirely out of place as a North Carolina representative.

His campaign ad, however, chills me to my core. Maybe there’s something about a soft-featured ginger wearing an outfit that screams “pedo preacher”, or maybe it’s the empty house he’s sitting in. Either way, I feel like Aiken For Congress is wonderful – imagine seeing him give impassioned speeches before Congress. Do you think he could stop himself from breaking into song? Because I don’t. And I hope he doesn’t. Spontaneous song breaks are exactly what’s missing from politics. Rob Ford knowsTC Mark

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