Watch These Sex And The City Alternate Endings: Carrie Marries The Russian And Her Friends Reject Her

I assume the SATC writers always knew that Carrie would end up with Big, or at least knew it going into the finale. I’m guessing that these endings were shot as a way to prevent any loose-lipped extras from prematurely telling anyone how things actually wrapped up. Even still, it’s fun to see what “might’ve” been. And by “fun”, I mean awkward and sad and thank god they ended it exactly how they did.

Some thoughts:

  • Watching these Sex and the City alternate endings is a little like seeing someone who died walking down the street. It’s like, “Why are you here, doing new things when we buried your ass years ago? I mean, it’s great to see you and I’ve missed you but this feels strange and sad and slightly decomposed.”
  • Imagining anyone ending up with The Russian is nauseating. What a squirmy, whiny, pretentious, kiddie portion of bullshit that guy was. Good loft tho.
  • Don’t confuse my disdain for Petrovski with a hatred of Mikhail Baryshnikov, who is a weightless angel.
  • Seriously, Charlotte? Really? Your best friend comes back from Paris and announces her engagement and you can’t wait until tomorrow to drop your baby news? You aren’t even getting the kid for six goddamn months. I guess it’s alllll about you. Jesus. Let someone else have a moment for once.
  • How awk were those bitches when Carrie proposed to them? Like, clearly your girl is having some kind of post-Paris, post-Russian, pre-40 mental break. How about we just play along instead of reminding her that you’re all with partners while she continues chasing off exceptional men for sport? TC Mark

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