19 Women Share The Weirdest, Grossest, Craziest Things They’ve Done For Their Best Friend

  • Helped her find a condom that had slipped off during sex and became stuck way up inside her.
  • Pretended to be her grandmother to call and get her out of school, complete with creaky old lady voice.
  • Looked at her poop to help decide if she was sick.
  • Held her wedding dress while she changed her tampon so she wouldn’t get blood on it.
  • Popped a pimple on her butt
  • Called an urgent care nurse line to describe the symptoms she was having, pretending to be her, because she was too embarrassed to call herself. She thought she had broken her “vagina bone” after riding a mechanical bull.
  • Helped her get a clove of garlic out of her vagina after she lost it trying to treat a yeast infection naturally. Then bought her Monistat.
  • Dug a seed out of her teeth with my fingernail because hers weren’t long enough to do it.
  • Smelled her breath to see if she had “gross sick person breath” before her boyfriend came over to bring her dinner when she had the flu.
  • Drank her breastmilk. Just to see! I had to!
  • Gave her a bikini wax.
  • Cleaned her dildo when we were roommates because she wanted it to go in the dishwasher and it was my turn to do dishes.
  • Traded underwear with her in a bar bathroom because she had just started dating a new guy and realized she was wearing the exact same underwear she wore the last time they hooked up and she didn’t want him to think she hadn’t changed her underwear since then. I know it barely makes sense, but you don’t argue with the logic of a drunk BFF who is trying to get laid.
  • Helped her clean bird poop out of her hair in a Starbucks bathroom.
  • Made out with her boyfriend to prove – as she suspected – that he would cheat on her given the chance.
  • Helped her sneak out of her own wedding when she realized she didn’t want to go through with it.
  • Saw a guy put something in her drink and obviously kept her from drinking it.
  • Peed on her when she got a jellyfish sting at the beach.
  • Sewed the crotch on a bodysuit costume after it ripped while she was wearing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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