That Full House Reunion You Keep Asking For Happened And It Was Weird

Well, I hope you’re happy, 90s nostalgianauts. You wanted a Full House reunion and Jimmy Fallon, who both happily caters to our insatiable sense of nostalgia and can seemingly get celebrities to do anything, got Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse (um, those are their real names. Excuse me. I was saying…) to reunite for a sketch about his upcoming departure from Late Night to The Tonight ShowBut it wasn’t…the best.

Considering how much we’ve all clearly wanted a Full House reunion to happen since forever – there are headlines every time any two cast members are in the same room – I think we can all applaud the effort on Fallon’s behalf, as well as the gameness of Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse (don’t start), but am I the only one who feels like this is all super fucking weird? And I feel like they all know it too. This video reads like they thought this would be really funny and pleasing, but as soon as they started doing it, suddenly became self-aware and realized how tragically awkward it all was, but like, were already committed at that point. Also, the wigs. Also, Dave Coulier in general.


Maybe it’s time to stop trying to resurrect the relics of pop culture past, and just love them from afar. Because trying to recreate the magic results in some horrible, mangled, zombie thing – it looks and sounds a lot like the thing you love, but it’s clearly been decomposing for a while and it’s kinda moldy and bloated. It’s saying all the same words and doing all the same actions but the eyes are lifeless. That just went to a dark place. The point is, let’s all keep making up drinking games to play while binge watching our favorite old sitcoms but can we call off the demands for reunions? THEY BUM EVERYONE OUT BECAUSE EVERYONE IS GETTING OLD INCLUDING US.

That pencil bed, tho.

Side note: Uncle Jesse then, now, and forever. Have mercy. TC Mark

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