Kids Are Snorting Smarties Like Drugs And Getting Maggots In Their Face. I’m So Done With This World.

I try to avoid generalizing as much as possible (hey, was that a generalization?) but I’m just gonna throw this out there: kids today are almost too stupid to live. Today’s proof comes in the form of crushed Smarties (you know), which these miniature heathens are snorting like drugsI have a few problems with this:

  1. Smarties are delicious and you’re basically wasting them.
  2. You live in the age of Breaking Bad – cocaine isn’t chic right now, meth is. You guys are young, aren’t you supposed to be in touch with hip shit?
  3. Stop being pussies. Just do drugs if you want to do drugs. I mean, obviously don’t. But really, the only thing more lame than being a kid who does drugs is being a kid who does fake drugs and gives him/herself a goddamn brain infection or maggots in your face (omg don’t click but you must click but really, you don’t want to, shut up just do it.) TC Mark

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