HIV-Positive College Guy Videotapes Himself Possibly Infecting Over 30 People

Well, this is dark: An HIV-positive, 22-year-old college student in Missouri allegedly had unprotected sex with as many as 31 people, and video taped the encounters. Presumably, none of the victims had any idea that they were being taped, nor that their partner in bareback boning was exposing them to the Kim Jung-Un of STDs.

Michael Johnson was first arrested back in October for what was originally just 5 felony accounts of knowingly exposing partners to HIV. With the discovery of 32 new tapes, each showing Johnson having unprotected sex with at least 31 different people in his Lindenwood University dorm room, it’s safe to assume the number of charges is about to rise faster than a diseased dick with no morals in front of a video camera.

If convicted, Johnson could be sentenced to life in prison. TC Mark

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