News Host Demonstrates How Her Vibrating Toothbrush Hits The Spot


Canadians, I’m not going to pretend I understand what kind of frigid, weird things you guys are into. I assume frost-addled sex parts have to do desperate things to thaw out. But if Lisa Dutton of Global Saskatoon (which sounds like a made-up news show from a Robin flashback on How I Met Your Mother (I mean, what? I don’t watch that. As if. I hate TV. (I’ve seen every episode.))) is any indication, even Canadian babies are down with some freaky kinds of get-down.

And for those of you who don’t have a baby in need of a Chris Hansen-approved teething solution, just watch this video with the sound off for an understood-in-all-languages Valentine’s Day (just the) tip.

Special shout-out to co-host Kevin Stanfield’s “is this happening? Wait, no really, this is happening? Holy fuck, this is happening!” facial progression. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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