Appropriated Bird Names For Every Occasion

Metal Bands

Blood Pheasant

Mute Swan

Wandering Albatross

Black Vulture

Parasitic Skua

Luzon Bleeding-Heart

Black-Throated Trogon

Spix’s Spinetail

Dead Sea Sparrow

Goth Models

Mourning Dove

Scarlet Ibis

Savanna Hawk

Ivory Gull

Snowy Owl

Waterfall Swift

Winter Wren

Annoying Manic Pixie Dream Girls’ Tumblr Names

Wandering Tattler

Rosy-Faced Lovebird

Japanese Wood-Pigeon

White-Tipped Dove

Rainbow Bee-Eater

Grey Go-Away-Bird

Little Elf Owl

Speckled Mousebird

Splendid Fairy-Wren

Foreign Porn Actors

Himalayan Snowcock

Musk Duck

Red-throated Diver

Peruvian Booby

Imperial Shag

White Hawk

Pink Pigeon

Diamond Dove

Tawny Frogmouth



Welcome Swallow (!!!!!)

Nicole Richie’s Future Children’s Names

Adelie Penguin

Grey Heron

Lanner Falcon

Jacobin Cuckoo

Velvet Asity (although this could also go under “Foreign Porn Actors” since “Asity” sounds a lot like “Ass Titty”.)

Next time: Bluegrass Bands (“Tennessee Warbler”), In-Development iPhone Apps (“Grackle”), and Potential Titles for Psychological Thrillers Starring Josh Hartnett in His Comeback Role (“Hawfinch”). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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