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Uh, guys. Scandal is back on tonight FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE BEYONCE SNATCHED OUR WIGS WITH HER SURPRISE VISUAL ALBUM. The thing we remember most about the last episode was when Olivia’s terrorist Momma Pope was all, “See you soon, lol” and dropped her burner phone into a trash bin outside the White House. Like, what the actual eff? Tune in to our live blog to get our reactions to this weeks hotly anticipated episode. Leave your own reactions in the comments!

Wine and Popcorn

10:00 Ooooo, omg. Where is Mellie running to! (Madison).

10:02 Cyrus really is an expert screamer. OMG SHE CAUGHT THEM MAKING OUT, WORK!!! LOLOL “WHEN U GET A MINUTE” (Madison).

10:05 Girl you missing it! Fitz threw the damn glass of Scotch at Cyrus!(Madison).

10:10 OMG glasses nerds, please make out. (Jessica)

10:11 One of millions of upsides to Olivia Pope not dressing slutty: She won’t have to deviate from her usual degree of hyper-chicness to cover Kerry’s baby bump. (Jessica).

10:13 Her hair was FLOWING. Like I want to wake up tomorrow with hair like that. RUN OLIVIA RUN!!!!! WATCH ME. OH LORD!!!! I AM GAGGING!!!!! Like, however writes Daddy Pope’s lines needs his or her ownOscar. Shit. (Madison).

10:15 My lunches with my dad are so dull. (Jessica)

10:16 Also this is happening. Don’t puss out, Gladiators. (Jessica)

To kill my fear of Mama Pope.
To kill my fear of Mama Pope.

10:17 Sorry. I don’t look as good holding a glass of wine as Olivia. So it’s vodka. (Jessica)

10:19 Madison can we get matching Pope wigs for next week? (J)

10:19 Haha I would love nothing more. (M)

10:21 Publius sounds dirty. (J)

10:22 Like, “I have a Publius in my teeth.” (J)

10:24 “It was the devil when he snuck inside me” is my new excuse for everything. Traffic violations, not doing dishes, bad haircuts, etc. (J)

10:25 Are anyone else’s office politics this fun/deadly? (Madison)

10:26 If my kid is ever that stupid, he kinda deserves to get murdered. I assume she’s going to murder him. And I’m allowed to say that because I’m a parent. (J)

10:26 I need a toolbox. (J)

10:30 All I want is to marry someone I fight with like these two. They are constantly hate-foreplaying. (J)

10:32  They need to stop bringing the banged up, traumatized looking dude to situations were they’re trying to gain someone’s trust. (J)

10:35 Cheers! I need a white coat just like that. Also? I love all this world historical shade being thrown right now. Catch it, catch it! Is it just me or is there something kind of sexy about blackmail??? (M)

10:35 I liked Mellie until she said “glitterati”. (J)

10:37 I mean, talk a little quieter, maybe? (J)

10:38 I’m kinda into the fact that, in this case, the whole “smile – the cameras are watching and the public is judging your every move and you are obligated to put on a show for the greater good” thing is being cast in an empowered way. Usually people who are in those positions are sad, reluctant martyrs. Like, these are just two bad bitches doing what needs to happen while all the dudes are running around the White House tugging on each other’s dicks and whining. #FeminismIsForShonda (J)

10:42 I’m still feeling really happy that Abby abandoned that flatironed ginger cascade ‘do. She’s practically a Pantene commercial now. (J)

10:45 Yeah what about the house! She said to not sell the House!(M)

10:45 Oh lord, can I get a man to hold me like that, shit!!!!!! This is some real emotion right here. I really want to understand this relationship. Like, isn’t it rare for us to cheer on the “other woman?” And yet, here we are, cheering them on. Is this what real love is? Tough and painful and I love you and I hate you? (M)

10:46 I want someone to say “I won’t let you resign” when I try to break up with them. (J)

10:51 REVENGIER. (J)

10:51 There are no words for now little I care about that show. (J)

10:52 Oh! It’s the demanding girl who dated Barney on HIMYM! I like her. (J)

10:54 So many hot white guys at her disposal! (M)

10:54 Up, there she goes with her bottle of wine. Like, is Scandal basically Revenge now??? I SERVE THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, DON’T WE ALL AHAHAHA!!!!!(M)

10:53 Poor David. The only unfuckable guy on this show. (J)

10:54 It’s because he looks like Bob Saget. (J)

10:54 Ahahaha he DEFINITELY looks like Bob Saget omfg. (M)

10:55 This show will never stop feeling like a Grey’s Anatomy ghost world. Everyone who dies in Seattle moves to DC and gets into some antics. (J)

10:58 Mellie is the one who got away! (J)

11:00 Welp. Time to go masturbate to that little love triangle. See you next week, bbs. (J)

11:00 I am so glad Mellie is gonna get her a side piece, too!!!! YES GOD. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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