Just So You Know, This Is How I Will Love You

Alba Soler
Alba Soler

I will love you.

I will trust you without strings attached to those words.

I will be vulnerable and I will let you climb the walls surrounding my heart.

I will respect you.

I will communicate with you.

I will read the books that are important to you.

I will listen to the songs that mean the most to you.

I will watch the shows that you enjoy even if I don’t particularly understand why you like them.

I will not be fearful of opening my heart to you.

I will place my heart in your hands and I will trust and believe you will handle it with care.
I will be honest with you.

I will stand by your side on your brightest days and I’ll shine the light down the road for you on your darkest nights.

I will lift you up when you’re down.

I will hold your hand even when it’s clammy.

I will laugh at your jokes even when I do not find them that funny.

I will enjoy every bit of your weirdness.

I will be weird with you.

I will kiss your lips even when you are feverishly sick because you’re worth that risk.

I’ll make you soup and grilled cheese when you’re sick.

I’ll bring you breakfast in bed.

I will learn how you take your coffee and what kind of alcohol you need and when.

I will learn what temperature you want your bath water to be so that I can run you a bath after a long day.

I’ll light candles and play your favorite music.

I’ll wake up early just to make sure you’re up on time and I’ll stay up late just to make sure you got to sleep okay.

I’ll rub your back and play with your hair without you having to ask.

I will listen to your ranting at any time of the day, whether its 2pm or 2am.

I will hold you when you cry.

I will scream with you when you need to scream.

I will not promise to not hurt you, because there are things I will unknowingly do that will hurt you, but I promise to always hear you out and try to do better.

I will kiss your forehead as you fall asleep on my shoulder as we sit on the couch together.

I’ll drive you to the airport for your important business trips.

I’ll drive through the night while you sleep just to get you where you need to be on time.

I will bring you flowers and chocolates just for the hell of it.

I will not complain when you take your time getting ready, instead I’ll watching you admirably.

I will be faithful and I will never stray.

I will clean the dirt off your glasses so that you can see.

I will kiss you even with morning breath.

I will still think you’re gorgeous when you’ve gone days without washing your hair.

I’ll let you steal my sweatpants and my hoodies.

I will do all these things and so much more.

I could continue, but mostly I wanted to say that I will love you whole heartedly and unconditionally, forever and always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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