These Are The 6 Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

Behind every amazing woman is an equally amazing group of friends.

From your drunken midnight McDonald’s runs to cuddling and watching Grey’s Anatomy, our friends are the ones who make everything better. No matter what the world throws at us, it’s comforting to know there’s always a group of ladies who have your back.

When it comes to your gal pals, these are the six types of girlfriends we all know and love, and NEED in our life:

1. The Therapist 

This is the one friend you go to any time you need advice, some help, or a shoulder to cry on. She’s always there, open arms, ready to help you tackle any issue or problem that comes up in your life. From wine nights to midnight chats, she’s 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to make you feel better. She’s the one person you know that will always put others’ needs before her own, and she’ll cancel her own plans if one of her friends is in need. She’s selfless, comforting, and a little piece of home wherever you go.

2. The Wild Card

This friend is a firecracker. She’s the gal in the group that’s always dancing on tables, turning up the music, and running to get pizza at 3 a.m. She doesn’t have a care in the world and she loves to bring out your wild side. No matter where the night starts, if she’s around you know you’re going to have a great time. And years from now when you talk about your “younger years,” she’s the friend that will be at the center point of every story. She’s wild, carefree, and always up to try something new or take insane risks.

3. The Mom

The Mom is the friend in the group that somehow manages to take care of everyone. She’ll bring you your running shoes when you forget them, drive you home from work when your car’s at the shop, and hold your hair back when the night takes a turn for the worst. This is the one friend you always feel like you need to hug as long as possible because she’s the greatest and deserves everything in the world. She’s somehow always grounded, always prepared, and never judgemental in your moments of need.

4. The Badass

If you’re about to get in a fight, this is the crazy chick that’s always got your back. She will go down swinging for you and she’s never scared to ask someone to hold her earrings. This friend has your back, no matter what. She’s always on your side and will always help you out, no matter how sketchy or bizarre the task may be. She is recklessly outstanding, completely confident, and if you don’t like someone, she’s not going to like them either. This girl is your own personal bodyguard.

5. The Diva

This is the gal who grounds you, keeps you realistic, and down to earth… by being completely dramatic and a certified diva. This girl will spend an hour and a half on your makeup to make sure you look perfect for your date. She’ll never forget how you like your Starbucks and she’s always got cute shoes for you to borrow. She might be dramatic and a little over the top, but she’s got a heart of gold. She’s exuberant, excitable, and easily one of the most entertaining friends you have.

6. Your Person

This girl is extra special to you. She’s your person: the one you genuinely want to share your entire life with. She’s your best friend, you tell her everything, you count on her, and you two have been there for each other through the good and the bad. Her family is your family, and vice versa. When she cries, you can’t help but cry. And you want nothing but the best for her. She’s beautiful in every way and you’ll spend your entire life telling her that. She’s kind, funny, and you appreciate how hard she works to make you smile. You love her inside and out, and you hope she knows it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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