6 Little Signs They’re Actually Compatible With You (And You’re Not Just Telling Yourself You Are)

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In the movies, when a couple is perfectly compatible, they finish each other’s sentences or her foot pops on the first kiss. And sure, it’s cute, but is that really all it takes? Isn’t there more to it?

The answer is yes. Being compatible with someone is more complex than the movies make it seem. It’s more than just liking the same food, sharing similar interests, and agreeing on a bedtime. It’s a bizarre hodgepodge of things that come together perfectly, even when you don’t realize it.

So what are the signs? How do you know if that special person and you are compatible?

Don’t overthink it, and don’t complicate it. Because for the most part, compatibility is about the little things. Things that are already working perfectly without you even thinking about them.

1. They don’t try to change you (and you don’t try to change them).

True compatibility is loving someone and having no desire to change them. It’s appreciating and loving every aspect of the person, without trying to shape them into someone else. Yes, maybe they play too many video games, and maybe they’re terrible at cooking. But it’s those little things that make them endearing to you. If you’re always convincing yourself they’ll change and things will get better, maybe you’re not that compatible.

2. Compromising is easy.

The best relationships know how to compromise. Especially as you build a life together, there are dozens of things you’ll need to decide on as a couple. Without the ability to compromise things will get tough. Knowing when it’s time to compromise and splitting things evenly is an obvious sign that you’re compatible. If they’re never willing to meet you halfway, it’s not a good sign.

3. You know each other’s insecurities and work to overcome them.

Everyone has insecurities, worries, fears… And there’s nothing more devastating than someone who doesn’t understand, respect or work with you to overcome them. When you’re truly compatible with someone, the second they learn of an insecurity, they’re doing whatever it takes to make it something that doesn’t come between you two. Often times, it will come naturally.

4. They’re a team player.

Relationships involve two people, making it a team sport. As a couple, you need to work together to handle everything the world throws at you. Some days are good, some days are bad – but true compatibility is knowing how to navigate it all, together! Without teamwork, things will slowly start to become difficult to manage. So if they’re not a team player, you two might not be compatible.

5. You know how to fight.

Contrary to popular belief, even couples that are perfectly compatible fight. The best couples fight. It’s not uncommon. However, the difference is, compatible couples know how to fight. Because there are right and wrong ways to fight. Healthy fights include open discussions, compromise, and a plan moving forward. Everyone’s feelings are considered and changes happen. Bad fights involve yelling, name-calling, violence, and often times, nothing changes. Know the difference between the two.

6. You don’t question each other’s love.

You love each other and there’s no question about it. You love them and you know they love you. Even when it’s not said, there’s no doubt in your mind the love is there. Because of this, your relationship is stable, secure, and makes you feel at home. True compatibility is loving each other without question, every day of the week.

Compatibility isn’t about having the picture-perfect romance. Things aren’t always perfect.

Instead, compatibility is knowing the other person so well, and loving them so purely, that you dance to the same beat without thinking about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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