Hate To Break It To You But Your Phone Is Ruining Your Love Life

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You may not realize it, but your cellphone is ruining your love life.

It took me some time to realize it, but the statement is true. Technology has warped the way people interact with one and other and it’s not a positive thing for our relationships, our love life, or our sex life.

The fact is, cellphones and social media have put people in a world of constant connectivity. We’re able to track where our friends are, follow along with their every move, and compare their stories to our own.

Cellphones allow us to be in contact with our love interests or significant other an unhealthy amount. It’s a world of waiting for replies, selfies, and tagging. If a response doesn’t come fast enough are they still interested? Do they still care about you? What about emojis… did the text have a happy face at the end? Why didn’t he put an emoji?

The questions roll out and the longer you wait for a response the worse you start to feel. Suddenly, you’re not good enough. Or at least you think you’re not. In reality, he was just in the shower.

Now we turn to social media to make ourselves feel even more insecure. Who was her ex again? Does he have Instagram? There he is. Why does she still follow him? And who’s this other guy and why did she just like his photo? Do you think he’s texting her too?

Then, when you build up the confidence to ask her about it, it turns out the photo was her cousin. And now she thinks you’re a little too controlling to have a legitimate relationship with. Now she’s questioning things. 

You see, you might think these aspects of technology are good for relationships. They let you talk more, share more, be together more. But that’s not ideal. In fact, distance is ideal. Being away from that person is ideal. Letting them live a life separate from your own but still come home to you every night to share every detail is ideal.

Being together every second of every day and stalking your loved one online is the easiest way to watch things crash and burn before they even have the chance to light up the sky.

SO… put down the phone. At the end of the day ask them how things went. If it’s long distance, call them. Facetime them. Skype them. That half an hour of conversation will be ten times more fulfilling than their two-word texts throughout the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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