An Open Letter To My Ex, For The Girl Who Loves Him Now

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When she asks about me, because she will ask, tell her a lie.

Tell her a lie that is sweeter than honey and softer than silk. Giver her the kindest reassurance so that she may continue to sleep softly–because lately she has tossed and turned. When you whispered my name that night as you slept, you shook the gentle seas within her. And when the waves begin to swallow her whole, she will beg for an answer.

I don’t want you to feel remorse. Though you knew this day would come, you could not possibly prepare yourself for the melody of her plea and the absence of all reason. She has no idea that within her simple request she will shake the gentle seas within you as well.

Ride these waves with compassion. Remember she has no idea the way our lips danced or the promises that sang us to sleep. The secrets we held and the demons we shared. She doesn’t care to hear our stories and she doesn’t need to know how much I loved your mother. Don’t tell her we grew up together, best friends, who fought our fears hand-in-hand like nothing mattered. And forget the place where we promised each other we would never give up.

But above all, you should fail to mention I was the first girl who truly held your heart.

Carry yourself with your calm demeanor and promise the world is hers. And when you tell her she’s beautiful, try not to remember you said the same to me as well. Give her every reassurance she needs, because trust me darling, she needs it far more than I. Her insecurity only proves that she loves you. Perhaps just as much as I did.

So when she asks about me, tell her not to worry. Tell her the stars shine for her and her alone. Tell her she is everything and my name is simply an echo from a time that holds little significance to you now.

For now, she holds your heart. And when you whisper my name in your sleep once again, at least this time she will have her answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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