6 Things You Should Stop Doing To Yourself Right Now

image - Flickr / super awesome
image – Flickr / super awesome

1. Comparing yourself to someone else

This is the most unfair thing one can ever do to himself. What do you get by doing this? Does it bring you any good? Doing this only sucks up the happiness in you. Your mind will trick by saying that someone is better than you, and then you’ll end up what? As you keep on comparing to someone, you’re actually forgetting what your worth is. We tend to forget that we are born unique and special in our own way. Think about this. They can do something which you cannot. Same goes with you. You can do something that someone cannot. So instead of hating yourself, why don’t you give yourself a challenge? Motivate yourself. Use them as an inspiration. Life is about appreciating what you have and not looking for something that lacks in you. Always remember that we are all blessed with a special gift. Go find yours. Why not focus on your own gift rather than peeking on someone else’s gift.

2. Regretting being yourself

Just be yourself. Be comfortable in who you really are. Be comfortable in your own skin. It is not right to pretend to be someone who is not you. You’re not fooling others actually, you’re fooling yourself. So what if you’re fat or dark-skinned? Does it make you any less of a person? Physical appearances don’t and will never ever indicate the worth of a person. You can’t expect someone to love you back when you even don’t give yourself a chance to love yourself back.

3. Stopping yourself from being happy

Happiness is a choice. We create our happiness. We decide our happiness. Free yourself from all the pain and decide to be happy for yourself. Choose happiness over sadness. Practice yourself to see the positive in all things. You only live once so why don’t make the experience worthwhile? Do what you really want. Forget society. Stop relying on social norms as it hinders you from pursuing what you really want. Forget what others will say. Whether you do good or bad, people always got something to say. Welcome every day with a positive outlook in life. Being happy doesn’t need to start from outside but rather from inside.

4. Begging for attention

Never ever, ever, ever beg for one. Attention is not forced. Attention is not to be expected. Attention should flow out naturally. Believe me, when someone truly cares for you, they will always find a way to catch up on you. Being caught up in busy situations is never and will never be a reason. It is matter of priority. You don’t need to feel the feeling of staring at your phone, waiting for their text or call or even wondering if they forgot you already. You don’t need to feel this for yourself. The more you bug on someone, the more they are likely to stay away from you. When someone doesn’t appreciate you, let them be. Life is harsh sometimes so as people do. Ignore them. Don’t let someone to take you for granted or use you for their own advantage. Never forget your worth as a person. It’s their loss, not yours.

5. Dwelling on past mistakes

You are not your failures. You are not your mistakes. You are not a bad person but merely someone who made bad choices. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Give yourself a room to change. Reward yourself a second chance. Sometimes, it is not about how you started it but on how you end it. Failures are not to be considered as hindrances but rather as lessons. Lessons that we will always remember in facing further the journey of life. You are not alone. All people commit mistakes. We all have our fair share of failure. It only varies on how we will act after we fell. Two options: Get up or let yourself sink.

6. Denying yourself the truth

People only see what they only want to see and hear what they only want to hear. The truth sometimes, when it is too hard to accept, we oftentimes create a defense mechanism by pretending that nothing is really wrong. We are afraid to confront it because we don’t know how to react to it. But it is always better to face the bitter truth than believing a sweet lie. Remember, the truth will always set you free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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