13 Life Lessons You Can Only Learn From Binge-Watching ‘My So-Called Life’

My So-Called Life
My So-Called Life

1. There will always be some guy leaning against something looking beautiful. Sometimes it’s better to just have the fantasy.

2. Dysfunctional families are the best families. Especially if you have a Ricki Vasquez in the mix.

3. Being happy with your body takes time. The point is we’re the same person inside no matter what we look like.

4. As angry as you can get with your parents, at the end of the day you will always love them and they will always love you. And heat up your spaghetti in the middle of the night.

5. Be yourself. Even if it’s strange, like yourself if this definite thing, like a toaster or

6. It’s ok to wait for the right person. Even if everyone else thinks you already did it.

7. If your best friend overdoses on ecstasy then it’s always ok to call for help. And cry an epic Angela cry into the phone.

8. Be friends with the nerdy next door neighbor. He could help you out big time one day.

9. Don’t scalp Grateful Dead tickets. Or any concert tickets. It could be one of the 8 best nights of your life.

10. Girls can tear each other down. Don’t be the jealous girl. Be the girls girl. It’s just better.

11. Keep your head up, don’t look down, and remember to smile.

12. When you can’t find the keys to the handcuffs, ask your nerdy next door neighbor for help.

13. When you look closely, people are so strange and so complicated, that they’re actually beautiful. Possibly even you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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