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How To Pray If You’re An Atheist

You possess more insight and strength than you probably realize. So pour your heart out and then listen to what it has to say about your situation.

From Minister To Atheist In 5 Simple Steps

Are they saved at death or were they saved before they were even born? Will they get a second chance for salvation in heaven or were they simply saved when Jesus died on the cross? What about those who died before Jesus’ crucifixion?

Can We Tackle Tragedy WITHOUT Theology?

On the better days, we all simply have to wait for the “all clear” and on the worst of days, we all have to live through the tragedy one thought at a time. In the darkest of trials we find that friends, relatives and even religious rituals rap themselves around us for the simple purpose of giving us something else to think about or at the very least a different way of thinking about what was previously unthinkable.