5 Obnoxious Things People Tell You When You’re A Girl With Real Curves

YouTube / MeghanTrainorVEVO
YouTube / MeghanTrainorVEVO

Life is unfair for us who do not wear a size zero. Gone are the days when real curves get admiration from the flock. We are living in a world of fad diets, protein shakes, yoga mats and cleanse juices. Girls are eating lesser and thigh gaps are the new black. These changes are now what set the bar of being beautiful and sexy. When you are a 170-pounder (or higher) like me, people will talk. And boy, they will say things that are beyond nice.

Some will try to be subtle and discreet but most of the time you are thrown with nasty feedback which you will have no other choice to be left with than just suck them all up hoping that someday you will prove these judgmental people wrong. People love to rub salt in the wounds of other people. So if you are struggling with an extra weight, you will probably here the following things on a daily basis:

1. “You want an extra serving of whichever junk you are ordering?”

People think that whatever you are putting in your mouth, regardless of how healthy-looking it is or how healthy it ACTUALLY is, is garbage just because you are fat. To them, that leafy salad is probably just a façade. Every food you’re consuming is making your clothes tighter. But give that plate of greens to a skinny woman and others will praise her for having a disciplined sense of wellness. So you just might want to serve that with an extra dollop of mayo-mustard dressing, right?

2. “Are you eating…AGAIN?”

Accounting subjects taught you an important principle: Do not assume unless otherwise stated. But it is what people do most of the time. They assume that you are always nomnom-ing just because you are heavier than usual. It is like your weight took away your right to eat three times a day. Is it a mortal sin to munch on apple, too? How about I take a sip of water? Is dehydrating myself an enough punishment for my being a fat girl?

Come on! I almost starved myself the last time you made me feel bad about snacking on those already gluten-free cookies and there you are for the nth time around, shoving right in my face that I am ‘eating again’. FYI, this is my first meal of the day so can you just go away and get lost?

3. “You would look even more amazing if you would just shed those pounds off.”

Right! We get this all the time. My mother will say this to me on a constant period of time. “Don’t you want to get back to your 18-year old, skinny self?” Despite the fact that she too has grown into a big woman from being a slimmer version of her own self, she likes to formulate ways on how she can make ME smaller.

She will spend hours in the Internet, Google-ing about those crazy ‘sexy’ pills, and we’d go on an endless debate about how effective/ineffective and safe/unsafe these methods are. And when she knows the Leader of the Opposition in me won the argument, she’d rest her case by saying that this guy I have been crushing on told her that I’d “look even more amazing” if I would just choose to “shed those pounds off.” Okay, mom, really? That just reeked of desperate attempts at trimming down your daughter’s size. I love you, anyway.

4. “You might want to lessen your time at McDonald’s. Fast food is SOOO unhealthy.” *flips hair, rolls eyes*

I know, right? Let me tell you something. I don’t even go to fast food a lot. All those heavily-salted fries and chicken nuggets coated with cholesterol-laden breading are not necessarily the soulmates of my flabby tummy. I can cook from scratch. I always make pleasant-tasting food at home. I don’t ever need to go to the nearest drive-thru to give myself a decent meal.

I am just not a fan. Don’t insult me by making false premises about me. There are some who can grab their breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a fast-food joint for days and they wouldn’t even gain weight. There is such a thing called ‘metabolism’ and it usually differs from one person to another. Your metabolism is your lucky charm while mine is my pain in the ass.

5. “Ew! You’re eating chocolates? It’s filled with sugar. Stay away from them!”

Well, fuck you. No one’s messing around with my box of Ferrero! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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