woman in red long sleeve shirt covering her face with her hands

To The Boy Who Loves You Next

She likes kisses at red lights, and she gets quiet when she’s anxious. She takes pictures of just about everything, and she plays with her nails when she gets nervous. She is caring without a second thought. She loves when you course your hands over her skin, and she’s crazy for intimate moments. She loves to dance in the rain, talking to strangers, music, candy, plants, and driving around. She’s obnoxious and a realist, but also somehow serious and optimistic all at the same time. Making her smile should give you butterflies, especially that little voice she does when she gets flustered.

You’ll fall in love with her eyes. More importantly, you’ll fall in love with her heart, because you know it’s always in a good place. You’ll fall in love with her family, and she will love yours as if it were her own. You’ll never know what to expect with her—it’s always something new. Maybe that’s what you’ll love most, the constant charging through the unknown. She is infinite.

Remind her that she’s worthy of this world and that she’s worthy of experiencing what it means to be alive. She is worthy of love, anger, happiness, fear, and everything in between.

So if you are the lucky one to be standing across from her while she’s wearing a white dress, remember that she really is one in a million. A lot of guys would do anything for a girl like her. She will be there for you over anything, without second thought. Please meet her halfway, and go the extra mile when she’s feeling down. She deserves the world and someone who loves her wholeheartedly, with both feet through the door. So if it is you that loves her next, please be the world in her universe.


The boy who loves her the most