XNXX Stories

XNXX Stories: 4 Short Pieces Of Erotic Fiction Guaranteed To Make You Horny

XNXX Stories are graphic erotic fiction pieces submitted by readers of the popular pornographic website XNXX.com.

The simple breadth of topics in these stories is staggering: although they might not technically cover everything from A-Z, they cover everything from “Alien” to “Young.” There are 1,885 stories just under the category “Authoritarian,” whereas “Cum-Swallowing” is closing in on 10,000. That’s a LOT of cum to swallow!

Here are four sample stories from XNXX.com’s vault of nearly 100,000 reader-submitted erotic fiction pieces.

Stepmothers And Stepsisters Teach A Sexy Lesson

My Dad was one of those who didn’t want to talk about sex. I never got “that talk” when all my buddies were discussing it. The few dates I had in High School did not bring about any discussion. I think Dad did not ask any questions because he didn’t want me to ask any questions.

So what I learned about “that stuff” came the way it comes to so many teens these days, by the internet. I quickly became a connoisseur of dirty sites. Of course this is not very good sex education and I suppose I had a lot of strange ideas about what to do with girls. Fortunately I had very little chance to put them into effect as I was paralyzed even talking to one in person.

That was the situation I was in when, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, Dad dropped the bombshell.

“You know, son,” he said, with great seriousness, “before your mother passed, she made me promise her that I would devote my life to raising you. I have not done any dating or had any relationship since then, in honor of her.”

I waited for what was coming. I had a sinking feeling I knew.

“But now,” he went on, “you are officially grown up. And I am a man, with a man’s needs for love. I have to tell you that there is a woman in my life now.”

That sinking feeling was growing.

“In fact, I have proposed to her. We are going to be married tomorrow.”

That was Dad. Never put things off. I felt slightly sick.

“Uh … uh … uh …” was all I could manage.

“She will move in here right after the wedding.”

I was about to throw up.

“Her two daughters will be moving in too.”

That was it. I headed for the bathroom and expressed my feelings to the porcelain bowl.

How could Dad do this to me? What was I supposed to do with THREE females moving into our house? I was petrified. My mind was spinning.

Amazingly, among the sick feelings and the feelings of loss and the feelings of confusion, I found another idea niggling around the corners of my brain. With three females running around the house, surely there would be moments when one of them would forget herself and appear in a sheer nightgown, or even better in her underwear. Might one of them even step out of the shower without closing the bathroom door?

I wondered what kind of a pervert I was to let those thoughts come in at this horrible moment in my life. But there they were. Of course I had never seen a naked girl except on the small flat screen of my computer. Now among my fear and confusion, those images were floating across my mind again and again. What was I going to do?

In bed that night, of course those images led me to masturbate. I lay on my face in bed, my cock pressed into the mattress, and rubbed it back and forth as imaginary stepmothers and stepsisters showed their naked bodies to me in various ways. The more they displayed the more I rubbed, until I erupted mightily all over my sheets. I rolled away from the wet spot, and finally managed to get to sleep.

Next day Dad informed me that I was expected to go to the courthouse with him while the Judge married them.

I stammered, “Will the daughters be there too?”

“Of course,” Dad said. “They will be her attendants, just like you will be my best man. The older one is 19 and the other is 17, and they are looking forward to the wedding, I can tell you. They said they are looking forward to meeting you, too.”

My eyes glazed over and I started sweating. “They know about me?” I asked.

“Yes, they do. They are both beautiful girls, just like their mother. I know you will enjoy having them as stepsisters,” Dad replied.

After that conversation, everything went hazy until I found myself in my only suit, following Dad into the courthouse. Frantically I looked around, trying to find my soon-to-be step family. My eye lit on three women sitting on a bench. Surely, I thought, those can’t be them. All three of them were gorgeous!

The older woman was dark haired and beautiful. Her body was in fabulous shape and she was wearing a tight lavender dress that clung to it. I realized she was holding a white bouquet and my suspicions were confirmed! This magnificent woman was going to be my stepmother! I swallowed hard.

Then I took in the two girls sitting with her. One was dark, like her mother, of medium height and built like a … well, you know. She had on a little white dress which clung to her wonderful big boobs and showed a lot of shapely legs. I felt my dick twitching just looking at her. “Oh, no,” I thought, “don’t let me get a hard on here.”

My eyes shifted to her sister. She was lighter of skin and hair, a strawberry blonde. Thinner than either of the others, she was dressed in a silky dress which reached down below her knees, but did nothing to hide her figure. It was lower cut than the others, revealing a little luscious cleavage. My cock promptly sprang to full attention. I bent forward a little, hoping it was not obvious under my suit coat.

The older lady got up and hugged Dad tight. Then he turned to me and introduced them. “Jeremy, meet my bride to be, Connie.” Connie put out her arms and grabbed me and gave me a big hug too. I felt her breasts pushing into my chest and made sure that she did not get close to my crotch, because my cock was throbbing.

Connie motioned to the two girls. “Jeremy, these will be your new stepsisters. This is Elaine, and this is Terry.” Elaine was the older one, the brunette. I remembered she was 19. Little Terry was the one who was 17.

Both of them grabbed me and hugged me tight too. I was completely embarrassed and had no idea what to do. I just sort of flapped my hands at my side hopelessly. I knew I was making a fool out of myself.

“Welcome, new brother,” Terry said. As she did so, she blew gently in my ear. I almost fell on the floor.

“We are glad you are joining our family,” breathed Elaine throatily. I felt her chest wiggle, rubbing her tits against my chest. I was too excited to decide whether that was intentional or not. I went back into my dazed state.

We went into the courtroom. Dad and Connie walked in front and then the two girls. I trailed behind, not able to comprehend anything except the three female butts twitching in front of me. Some words were mumbled, Dad kissed Connie, the girls hugged me again and we were out in the parking lot.

I still could not believe that these three gorgeous females were coming to live in our house. The thought of seeing them day after day, even if they weren’t skimpily dressed or naked, flew in front of my eyes again and again.

We headed for our cars. As Dad unlocked our doors, Elaine said, “Come on, Terry, let’s ride home with our new bro.” She grabbed me by the arm and pushed me in the back seat, and then slid in beside me, her thigh touching mine. Terry giggled, and went around to the other side door and slid in on that side, just as close as Elaine was.

Wedged between these two beauties, smelling their perfume and feeling their legs against mine, I could not believe my luck. Then I felt Elaine’s hand rest on my thigh, as she said, “I know we are going to have great times together.” I was totally confused and did not know what to read into that remark.

I stumbled up the steps to our house still in a daze. Slowly, things sorted themselves out as the women brought their suitcases, boxes and bags in and Dad and I carried them to the proper rooms. Of course, Connie shared the large master bedroom with Dad. On the other side of the hall, there were three rooms in a row. I used the one nearest the living room, and the two others ran back down the hall to the second bath. Elaine took the middle one, next to mine, and Terry was in the smallest room at the end of the hall.

As Dad and I still carried stuff in, the girls were unpacking. Every time I carried a box into their room, it seemed they had a filmy nightgown to fold, or bras to put in the drawer, or some other intimate female clothing to flash in front of me.

As I carried another box into Elaine’s room, she turned to me, holding a long lacy black nightgown in front of her. “Mom got new nightgowns for her honeymoon,” she giggled, “so Terry and I did too. How do you like this one?’

I know I turned beet red. I could only stammer something, and then I turned and fled down the hall. Elaine’s soft laughter followed me.

Somehow I made it through the day without my frequent hardons being too obvious, I guess. When I finally got to bed, after watching female boobs and asses wiggling around our house all day, of course I rolled over on my stomach and masturbated again. This time it was not imaginary stepmothers and stepsisters that filled my fantasies but the real live ones that I knew were only a few feet away. When I came, which did not take long, it was stronger and longer than any I had ever had. Exhausted physically and mentally I did not take long to get to sleep.

It was inevitable that I woke next day with a huge morning woody, and had to jerk off again to get rid of it. Checking my pajamas to be sure nothing showed, I headed for the bathroom for my regular piss. I was brought up short by seeing the door closed. Just as I got close to it, it opened, and to my amazement Elaine emerged wearing that lacy black nightgown. Her lovely boobs showed faintly through the thin fabric and her nipples were clearly outlined beneath it.

I gasped and did not know what to do. Elaine, however, thought nothing of it and merrily said, “Good morning, new brother!” Before I had any idea of how to reply she disappeared into her room.

Here the females had not been in our house 24 hours and already my fantasies were coming true. My head was spinning.

Somehow I got dressed and to the breakfast table. Dad was finishing his eggs and bacon, and soon left for the office. I was not sure how to conduct myself alone with the women. I was relieved when Connie announced that they were going shopping and would probably be gone until after lunch. Soon they were out the door and I was alone.

This was my chance. As I fantasized about having stepsisters a plan had been born. I had a tiny spy webcam lying in a drawer in my room, left from some abortive plans I had tried regarding the girls’ gym. Now I got it out, and quickly found a good spot in Elaine’s room to hide it. A quick trial showed that it easily broadcast through the wall to my computer. I realized that just looking at the clear picture of my stepsister’s empty bed had me hard again, and I had to stop work and repeat jerking off before I could finish calibrating the camera.

That night at dinner, Connie announced that the day after tomorrow was Terry’s 18th birthday. That was a surprise to me, but I quickly said, “Congratulations, new sister!” Terry smiled at that.

Then Elaine said, “Birthdays are always special in our family, but the eighteenth is really special.” She giggled that little giggle she had.

I looked at Terry and saw that she was actually blushing. I thought that was cute. Then she said, “And I am so glad that Jeremy will be there. It will make it so much better.”

Connie added, “Yes, we have plans for you at the party, Jeremy.”

I grinned at that. I was not quite sure what they had planned but was happy to be included in it. I could not give much thought to the future, though, because my mind was really on that little camera and my hopes for seeing something tonight.

I was literally shaking with anticipation all through dinner. I could hardly wait for the family to decide it was bedtime. Dad and Connie went off to their room. I was pretty sure I knew what they would be soon up to, and that thought alone was making my cock twitch. But as Elaine and Terry disappeared into Elaine’s room, chattering like girls do, my anticipation hardened me quickly and I hurried into my own room and turned on the camera.

I really don’t know exactly what I expected to see that first night. I was a little disappointed that both girls were fully clothed and sitting on the bed talking. I wondered if they were talking about me? The thought turned me on even more.

Elaine had her legs up on the bed, slightly spread so that I could see her white panties under her miniskirt. Terry’s legs were crossed, so a lot of leg showed but try as I did, I couldn’t get a glimpse of her crotch. Neither girl showed any signs of undressing, but knowing that I was watching them while they were unsuspecting was exciting.

Keeping my eyes on the screen every second, I quickly undressed. My cock was standing straight up and I grabbed it, but exercised willpower to keep from stroking it yet. I hoped better things were going to happen.

Soon Terry leaned over to Elaine and gave her a big kiss. It looked more than sisterly to me, but I really was not experienced enough to know. Then to my disappointment Terry skipped out of the room, leaving Elaine sitting on the bed.

Elaine reached to the end table for a hairbrush. As she did her legs parted even more and the camera was so clear that I could see the outline of her pussy under the white panties. I couldn’t resist anymore and began stroking my cock as I looked at her, brushing her hair. It was incredibly sexy.

I had high hopes now, and they were soon fulfilled. She put the hairbrush down and stood up. To my great excitement, she slowly pulled her knit top over her head, showing me a black bra underneath it. I was stroking my cock faster now. I realized I needed to pace myself in the hope she would keep undressing.

I had aimed the camera perfectly. She was standing just in front of her dresser and I had a frontal view as well as a reflection in the mirror. Now she unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. As she bent over to pick it up I had a great view of her cleavage. My excitement was almost uncontrollable knowing she was only in the room next door.

Now she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. My greatest fantasies were on the verge of total fulfillment. I clenched my cock, willing myself to hold on until I saw everything.

Then it happened. Even through my closed door, out in the hall I could hear a gentle tap on her door. Her head turned and the door began to open. I held my breath, hoping it was her sister returning, preferably in a cute little nightie.

The door swung open. I gaped in astonishment. It was Dad standing there!

I expected Elaine to shriek and slam the door shut. Instead, she smiled and held out her hand to Dad. He came into the room and took her in his arms. She made no protest, but melted into his arms and pressed her body against him.

This incredible scene was barely registering on my brain for what it was. That my Dad was hugging my nearly naked new stepsister was too much to absorb. Yet my cock was responding and I felt my urges growing as I watched.

As Dad held her, his hands reached for the clasp of her bra. It came open and he dropped it to the floor. I realized that her naked boobs were pressing into his chest. Even as I thought that this should not be happening, I wanted so much for her to turn so I could see those boobs. I clenched my cock tight as I watched.

They were kissing deeply and I could see her hips press into his crotch. Now he moved away slightly and my wish to see her boobs was granted. Large, round, beautiful, with hard nipples standing up, they were things of my dreams. As Dad’s lips touched them I stroked my cock harder and harder. Only with an effort did I stop myself from coming right there. I knew I had to wait to see the rest of this.

Dad sucked hard at her tits, and his hands were pulling down her panties at the same time. I held my breath as her pussy emerged into my view. Dad’s fingers were probing it, and my hand was stroking my cock in time. Elaine’s head rolled back and her eyes closed. It was hotter than anything I had ever seen on the internet. I stroked my cock hard.

Now my Dad pushed my stepsister down on the bed. He spread her legs and went to work on her pussy with his tongue. Her pussy mound was shaved as smooth as could be, and the wet pink lips of her pussy were engorged. She writhed on the bed and I thought she was moaning. I cursed myself for buying that cheap spy cam with no sound. As Dad wiggled his tongue and stroked her clit, I pulled harder and harder on my stiff rod. I was getting close to coming right on the computer monitor.

I was deeply amazed at seeing Dad and Elaine going at it. I did not know whether to be shocked, annoyed or disgusted. What I did feel was immense excitement. My cock was about to explode.

“Enjoying yourself?” said a voice behind me. I dropped my cock and whirled around, unbelieving. I had been so preoccupied that I had not heard my bedroom door quietly opened. To my utter shock, Connie was standing there looking at me. Actually, she was looking pointedly at my throbbing dick. I cringed in embarrassment and tried to cover it up.

She laughed gently. “Don’t worry, I think it looks very nice. And to see you have arranged to watch your father and my daughter is amusing. They have been doing it at my house these last few months, and they are very sensual to watch. I know.”

My mind was trying to grasp all of this. The only thing I really knew was that Connie was wearing a white baby doll nightgown that barely covered her boobs, and almost transparent white panties under it. Even while I was dying of embarrassment I had my eyes fixed on her pussy. Clearly she understood that.

“The camera is fine, but wouldn’t you rather see it with your own eyes?” At that she slid the nightgown over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her large white breasts were right in front of me, the nipples obviously hardened. She moved toward me, and took my hands to put on her tits. She moved my hand around a bit, and I got the idea and took over. She moaned slightly as I massaged her nipples.

My instincts, and what I had gleaned from the internet, took over and I was moving quickly. My other hand went down inside her panties to her trimmed pubic hair and then on to her slit, and I began to rub it. Her hips wiggled a bit, but then she pulled away slightly.

“Don’t be in a hurry,” she whispered. “You were watching the show next door. Let’s watch together.” She pulled me down to sit on the bed, and adjusted the computer so we both had a good view of the action. Her hand took my cock, but just held it lightly without rubbing.

That was exciting enough. She pulled my hand to her crotch and wiggled her pussy onto one of my fingers, and again just sat still. Her eyes were on the screen in front of us.

“You know, Jeremy, since that rotten bastard their father left us, the girls and I have been on our own in every way. That includes sexually. We have a very open relationship. We tell each other everything, and we don’t mind each other watching. Since she was 18 Elaine has experimented a lot and I have been right along with her, including with your father.”

On the screen, Dad had Elaine’s legs spread and was enthusiastically eating her pussy. She was clearly enjoying it as her hips twitched to meet his lips. Connie pointed and said, “They really enjoy each other. Sometimes I get in to make a threesome, but tonight I have other ideas.” She gave my cock a little shake which sent a tremor through my body.

“It is great having a young man in the family, too,” she said. “We are very excited. Part of our agreement is that the girls stay virgins until they are 18. Terry has her birthday in two days, and you are part of our plans for the party!’

My head was full of fuzz and fireworks. I was totally stupefied at this situation. Dad had been so repressed about sex that I could not imagine him getting into this family action. But there he was on the webcam, now vigorously pumping his cock in Elaine’s pussy.

Connie stirred, her pussy clamping my finger and her hand starting to stroke my cock. “Now it is our turn, Jeremy. Welcome to the open family.” She dropped to her knees and began to suck me. I could not believe the feeling, it was so much better than jerking off. Soon I raised her head off my dick, though, because I did not want to come too soon. I pulled her up and began playing with her boobs as I had seen Dad play with Elaine’s. She moved forward to straddle me as I sat on the bed, and her wet pussy began rubbing against my cock.

I had no clear idea what to do, but obviously she knew exactly what she wanted. She turned around so her ass pressed my cock. Now we were both facing the monitor, and she pointed at Elaine bouncing up and down on Dad’s dick. They were in exactly the same position we were. “Family togetherness,” Connie murmured. Then she began to move up and down on my shaft. It was so exciting, and I shoved the hard rod into her deeper and deeper.

I saw Dad doing the same thing to Elaine, his hips straining upward forcing his shaft into her pussy with every stroke. Now we were all actually getting synchronized, and I was sure Connie was deliberately mimicking their motions. I did not have Dad’s experience or staying power, though, and I felt my climax about to explode. I clutched Connie’s boobs hard and shot my cum into her pussy. Again and again I spasmed, feeling what I had never felt before. Finally I fell back exhausted.

Connie rolled off of me, and lying back on the bed began to rub her pussy. The she reached for my head and pulled it between her legs. Her dripping pussy was pumping out sexual odors and I automatically began to lick it. She twisted her hips and rolled her clit under my tongue until she climaxed in a big way. I could feel her pussy contracting under my lips as she moaned aloud.

I rolled over exhausted. She was doing the same, but she raised her head a bit and pointed to the monitor. I could see Dad suddenly thrust his hips high up off the bed, driving deep into Elaine. She wiggled her hips and then I saw from their simultaneous jerks that they had achieved mutual orgasms. I had only seen this on net porn, and I was flabbergasted that Dad and Elaine could do it so easily. Connie chuckled beside me. “You will learn that skill soon, I know. We are a talented family.”

She cuddled up close to me then. It was such a warm and comforting feeling. I watched Elaine and Dad doing the same thing. They didn’t do this on the internet after coming. I was glad I was learning how good it was.

Pretty soon, though, Connie sat up. She took my hand and said, “Come on!”

I had no idea what she was up to. She got me up off the bed, and started for the door. Of course, we were both still completely naked. I stopped and asked, “What?”

Connie chuckled, that low throaty chuckle she had. “We have to go next door,” she said. “We have to brag.”

“Brag?” I stammered out. “Brag about what we just did, or about watching them? Brag?”

“Of course,” said Connie. “I told you we are an open family. We share everything.”

Once again I was stunned speechless. Connie dragged me out the door before I knew what was happening, and we burst into Elaine’s room. I suddenly remembered my nakedness, and tried to cover it up and pull back out the door.

Elaine sat up on the bed. Her arms were thrown back and her naked boobs stuck out. Her legs were spread, and under her shaved mound her pussy shone with her juices. I stared openly at her, and then realized she was staring pointedly at my hands over my cock.

“So, Mom, it worked, didn’t it. I told you the way he was staring at us, he was ready to join our open family. Now I want to see what he worked on you with. Come on, bro, let’s see the big show,” she challenged.

Connie chuckled again, and reached over to pull my hand up. My cock sprang forth, and it was already getting hard again. Even when I masturbated I had never managed two in a row.

Connie looked at Elaine, and said, “Honey, you won’t believe what he did. He has a spy cam in your room. We have been next door watching every move you two made.”

Elaine looked at me and giggled. “Why, bro, I am proud of you. I hope we put on a good show.”

I blushed to my roots, but I knew my cock was standing up harder than ever. Elaine put out a hand and began to stroke it.

Connie looked at Elaine, and at me, and said, “Wow, I think you two youngsters are already looking at each other hungrily again. I think it is time for another go. Robert and I will just watch and enjoy your youth.”

I stared at her. She sat on Elaine’s dressing stool, and Dad stood behind her, leaning forward to massage her heavy breasts. I gaped open mouthed. I could not believe she really meant it, but apparently she did. Dad and Connie wanted to watch me fuck Elaine. Or perhaps I should say, watch Elaine fuck me, because I had no idea what to do.

Elaine pulled me down to the bed. Then she moved in between my legs and ran her hands gently up my legs. As they reached the top of my thighs, my hard cock twitched uncontrollably. Elaine giggled and whispered, “I have been wondering if it matches your Dad’s. I can see it does.” She ran her finger up my twitching shaft to the sensitive head, then around in circles. “I like to make it dance,” she said lightly.

Then quickly she moved up, and before I quite knew what she was up to, she had it in her mouth and deep down her throat. She sucked hard in rapid strokes and I felt the pressure building fast. I lay there enjoying it.

Suddenly she stopped sucking and dropped my dick out of her mouth. “No, no, you don’t get it all, bro.” She swung her body around, and straddling my face presented her pussy to my mouth. I got the idea and began to lick it. She wiggled her hips and giggled again. “Now you have it right.”

I found her hard little clit bump and began to give it attention. Her soft moans told me I was in the right place. She bent forward, shining the white moons of her ass right in my face, and once again engulfed my hard rod in her mouth. Now our mutual excitement took over. She sucked my dick, I ate her pussy, our heads and hips moved together, faster and faster.

Her tongue was running around the head of my cock. My tongue made rapid circles on her clit. Then I plunged it hard inside her warm depths and she pulled my cock far down her throat. We rotated our heads, each pleasuring the other. She began rapid up and down strokes, and I began quickly running my tongue from her clit to her asshole. I was doing things I did not even understand and feeling things on my cock I had never felt before.

Her mouth moved faster and faster, and her pussy rotated on my lips and tongue. I felt my climax building up explosively. Suddenly I could hold it no longer. Long contractions shot my jizz into her mouth. Just as I did, I felt her pussy contracting around my tongue and she cried out, just once. We went on for some time, our hips jerking as we felt the force of our first mutual climax.

Finally it subsided. She slumped forward on top of me, and we both lay there panting. To my amazement, I heard soft applause. Now I remembered that we had an audience, her mother and my father. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt proud and satisfied. I turned my head to see them sitting there, still naked, smiling at us, my father and my new stepmother.

I knew this open family was going to be a new experience for me. I remembered what Connie said about Terry’s upcoming birthday and a thrill went through me to think I was supposed to be part of it.

I saw Dad and Connie stealing off to their own bedroom. After a bit, Elaine shook me and gently pushed me away. I got the hint and quietly went back to my own bedroom. I fell asleep with visions of my new stepsister’s pussy filling my dreams.

I woke up the next morning with my usual woody. That was hard to believe after all the exercise the night before. It took me a long time to take care of it this time.

When we all gathered at the dinner table, there were several pointed remarks about Terry’s upcoming 18th birthday. Connie came right out and said, “I know you will have all your Sex Education lessons down perfectly, darling. Aren’t we lucky to have something besides pictures for the study of the male sex organs?”

Terry agreed enthusiastically, glancing over at me with what was almost a leer. “Much better than a book, Mommy. I have been studying hards – I mean hard!” She gave me a big grin.

I was a bit baffled about their meaning. They all seemed to be teasing me. This morning they all had bathrobes covering their sexy nighties and looked very prim and proper, but their frank discussion of Sex Ed was confusing me. After breakfast, I stammered an excuse and headed for my bedroom.

I turned on my spycam and waited for Elaine to come to her room. As soon as she entered, she took off her bathrobe and revealed that she was naked underneath it. She sat on the bed and began brushing her hair, her boobs swaying and bobbing as she did so.

I remembered last night. I slipped out in the hall and tapped on her door as Dad had. Then I started to open the door. I realized her hand was on the other side and she only let me open it a little bit. She looked out the crack and said, “I bet you have that camera of yours on, don’t you?”

I blushingly admitted I did.

“Well,” she replied, “enjoy it because that is all you are going to get today!”

My heart dropped.

“Before a special occasion, we have learned to save ourselves up and come right up to the edge ready. It makes it all more special,” she explained.

That sounded reasonable, but I did not know what I was going to do with the hardon I had right now.

She opened her door wider, took me in her arms, naked as she stood, and gave me a big hug. Then she pushed me away and shut the door in my face.

I stood there in astonishment, all my expectations dashed. I had thought that the fun from the night before would go on and on, but obviously there were limits in this open family. I went back to my own room and took care of the hardon in my former style.

I got through the day with the three females swishing around the house, boobs bouncing and asses swaying. That night I made it a point to be in my room with the camera on when Elaine went to bed, so I got to see her undress. It was exciting, but not as exciting as it had been before. I was already becoming accustomed to wanting more.

Tonight all I could do was jerk it one more time. I knew what they said about being on the edge for big doings tomorrow, but I was pretty sure that I could come up to the mark then no matter how many times I jerked off today. Living with these three sexy women kept me constantly hard as a rock.

Next morning I woke up early, with a woody as usual. As I grabbed it and started to stroke, it came to my mind the advice Elaine had given. It took a lot of self-control, but I decided to just edge for a while and then stopped. I got out of bed, my cock still standing up, and walked down the hall to take my morning pee. I shut the door and was standing there, trying to bend my stiff dick down enough to aim. Without even a knock, the door opened and Connie came strolling in. She had on a filmy baby doll that was so transparent I could see her nipples and the dark patch of her neatly trimmed pussy hair.

I tried to turn away, but she saw what I was doing. She gave that throaty chuckle of hers and said, “Take good care of that thing, Jeremy. We need it to celebrate today!” Then she turned and walked out of the room.

I finished my business and tucked my dick back in my pajamas. Then I went down to the breakfast table. The whole family was there. Dad was sipping coffee, bare-chested, wearing just his pajama bottoms. Elaine came over and poured me a cup, bending down so low that I could look right down the top of her loose shorty nightgown and see her large round tits all the way to the nipples. They were standing up hard and perky and I realized she was anticipating something happening soon.

Connie, still in that filmy baby doll, went to stand behind Terry. This was Terry’s big day, her 18th birthday. She looked beautiful. Her face was scrubbed clean without a bit of makeup. Her young skin shone and her bright eyes gleamed. She was wearing a long nightgown of pure white silk, with long loose sleeves. It draped over her shoulders and fell in loose folds down to her chest, where it plunged almost to her waist letting her small rounded boobs peek out in a deep cleavage.

Connie gently rubbed Terry’s shoulders and leaned down to give her a light peck on the cheek. Then she looked over at me and said, “Finish your breakfast, Jeremy, and then we will all go into the living room to begin the celebration.” I gulped hard, grabbed a piece of toast and stuffed it in my mouth, and in less than a minute I was on my way to the living room.

I gulped again as I saw the family seated around the room. Terry sat in the largest softest chair. Her gown was slit almost to the waist on each side and her long slim legs were crossed. She leaned back and the soft folds over her chest were allowed to slide sideways so that her young firm breasts showed almost to the nipple. The nipples themselves poked up under the soft fabric tantalizingly.

Dad was in another chair, his legs parted slightly. Connie sat on the floor between his legs. She would lean back now and then and rub against his crotch, and his hand would occasionally drop down and rub her boobs. As he did that her nipples would crinkle and press against the almost transparent cloth of her top.

Elaine sat on the couch, her legs pulled up under her. Her shorty nightgown barely covered her sweet pussy and every time she shifted position I stared to see if I could get an exciting peek at it.

I stumbled in to a chair and put my hands in my lap to cover my raging hardon. Elaine gave my crotch a knowing look and giggled. I know I blushed. That made Terry giggle. I sat there in confusion, more embarrassed than I had ever been in my life.

Connie started singing then, “Happy Birthday!” This classical birthday song sort of threw me off, since I guess I was expecting something much more exotic. After the first line I got collected enough to join in the singing. Terry beamed as we sang.

Then Connie stood up and held her hand to Terry. Terry unfolded her long legs and stood up, flashing her tits delightfully as she did. Looking her daughter in the eyes, Connie said, “We are an open family. Too many teens these days learn about the wonders of sex from their poorly informed friends, or even worse from the nonsense that abounds on the internet.” I thought she glanced at me, and realized that she knew exactly where I stood in sex education, just as she had described.

My stepmom went on, “We don’t want that to happen here. Terry, you have had an excellent Sex Education course in this family. Today we want to give the final lessons and hope to make sex something you approach with relish and with skill. First lesson – we want you to have the benefit of experience and practice. We mature folks might just have some things to teach you. Elaine has that nice big king size bed in her room, let’s go in there.”

Connie slipped her arm around Terry’s waist. Dad got up and did the same. The three of them started out of the room. I noticed that Dad’s hand was slipping down from her waist to cup Terry’s sweet little ass as they walked.

I looked over at Elaine and made a motion as if to get up and follow them. Elaine shook her head. She came over and held out her hand to me. “Why do you think they chose my room? You have that wonderful camera, and you and I are going to enjoy using it right now.” She pulled me up and led me down the hall to my own room.

Of course I had not even made the bed. She giggled at that and went over and smoothed it out. Then she pointed to the computer. I flipped it on, and the webcam was working perfectly. Elaine sat on my bed, cross legged so her pussy pressed against the bed under her shorty nightgown. I wanted to just stand there and look at it, juicy and giving off sweet odors. But she patted the bed next to her and pointed at the monitor screen.

I looked at the screen and saw that the mature folks were ready to go. Terry was seated demurely on the dressing table stool. My dad and my stepmom were standing right in front of her, interlocked tightly and obviously deep kissing. Their lips worked on each other and I was sure their tongues were teasing. Dad’s hand was on Connie’s ass, pushing her up against his crotch. Their hips swayed back and forth in unison. Terry was watching attentively.

Elaine began a running commentary. “Connie can French kiss like nobody else. It feels as if she is going to suck you into her entirely. Robert can’t get enough of it. Neither can I.” I remembered she mentioned threesomes. I assumed she meant with Dad or some other man, but now I was wondering. Terry could do a lot with her mom and sister without technically losing her virginity.

“Look at his hand caress her ass. That is a highly erotic zone for women. See her hips twitch when he does it? Her pussy is really getting wet. I know.”

I made a mental note. I knew that a girl’s ass turned me on, but I was learning how to turn a woman on, now. I knew it would be valuable information.

On the screen, Dad’s hands went under Connie’s top. Elaine continued her comments. “Atta boy, Robert. Her tits are crying out for some attention. Time some clothes come off.” She knew what she was saying, because Connie’s top was lifted over her head and tossed on the bed. Now her gorgeous big tits were displayed in all their glory.

I could see Connie’s head thrown back and her eyes closed as Dad massaged her nipples. Then she raised her head and looked over at Terry. Apparently she said something. I suppose she was giving instructions to the virgin 18 year old. Terry nodded knowingly. Then I watched as she slipped a hand inside her loose top and began rubbing her own breast under the soft fabric. I was now sporting a raging hardon, but sitting next to Elaine I was too embarrassed to touch myself.

“Terry’s tits are so soft and sensitive. Her little nipples get so hard, and she loves so much to have them played with.” Again, I guessed that Elaine was speaking from personal knowledge.

She turned to look at me. I know I was hot and sweaty and probably red in the face. She studied my face, then let her gaze travel down to my crotch. To my horror, my cock was standing up hard and tall, lifting up my pajama bottoms. I tried to put a hand over it, but her hand got there first. She rubbed back and forth a little bit, and then said, “Oh, my, I have been forgetting about you. We will have to remedy that. But you have to return the favor, you know.”

With that she took my hand and guided it to her pussy, between her outspread legs as she sat on the bed. I could feel its wetness and the engorged lips. She wiggled at my touch, and let my finger penetrate a little bit inside her. As I drew my finger in and out, she stroked up and down on my throbbing rod. But then she said, “Careful, we have a lot of things ahead of us. Look at the monitor.”

On the screen, I could see that Connie and Dad were working each other’s bottoms off. Dad’s cock was standing straight up, and without waiting for anything else, he put his hands under Connie’s ass and lifted her right up on to it. She threw her arms around his neck, pressed her tits to his chest, and began to ride. She was able to move easily, with Dad’s help, and she went up and down on his cock rapidly. Dad was straining his hips forward and up, and Connie began to rotate at the end of each down stroke. It looked as if they were racing to a huge mutual climax.

Terry, meanwhile, had let her nightgown drop to the floor. One hand was working busily on her cute little tit, while the other probed her pussy. It was the first time I had seen her totally naked. She had trimmed her pussy hair into what the internet sites called a “landing strip.” One small finger was inside her cunt, working busily as she watched the older couple.

I looked at Elaine quizzically. “Um, I thought she was a virgin. How does she … I mean, doesn’t it … well, her finger …”

Elaine laughed softly. “Brother, there is no need for a girl to feel any pain on her first time. Why make it something to be afraid of? Just like I did, she visited the doctor last week for a simple little snip under a local.”

I did not know what to make of that. “You mean the doctor cut her … I mean, he …”

“Yes, silly,” Elaine said. “Her hymen is out of the way. No need to worry about it.” She gave me a significant glance. “Does that disappoint you?”

I stammered around that one. Why should it disappoint me particularly? My mind recalled that they had said they were glad I was here for the birthday. What role did they still have planned for me?

I turned my attention back to the screen. I was so excited I was ready to explode. I pushed my finger deeper in Elaine’s pussy and rubbed my cock hard against her hand. To my disappointment she dropped my cock and pulled my hand off her pussy. “I told you to be careful. Just hold an edge. More is coming.” Again she nodded at the monitor.

“Your Dad has learned a lot about timing from us,” she went on. I remembered watching her fuck my Dad that first night. “Watch and learn, brother.”

On the screen, Dad was controlling the movement of Connie’s pussy on his cock. He was apparently giving her some signals by his touch on her ass, because she responded to his every move. Elaine giggled, looked at me and said, “Can you dance? It is just like dancing. The man leads by gentle touches in the right direction and his partner responds. Look at them. Isn’t it beautiful?”

I could see that it was indeed some beautiful, sexy, lustful sort of dance. Now Connie moved up and down rapidly, bringing them both to an edge. But Dad’s soft downward touch on her ass signaled her to stop when his cock was at its deepest depth inside her. Dad swung his hips and she wiggled slightly, as they both held on to their edge tightly locked together.

I saw Dad’s fingers press upward slightly, and he raised Connie until she almost came clear of his rod. The camera was so well aimed, or they had chosen their spot so well, that I could see it easily. Only the very tip of his dick was immersed in the pink wetness of her outer lips. His hands on her ass held her up there in the right position.

Terry was watching all this wide eyed. I think even as a well-educated girl she was learning from this display. She even forgot to keep rubbing her pussy and just watched the experienced ones.

Now Dad twitched his cock. I was amazed at his muscle control. The purple head of it made little jumps in Connie’s wet slit. I saw that he had found her clitoris, and each twitch was rubbing it softly. Connie again threw her head back and closed her eyes.

I couldn’t stand it. My hand crept to my cock and my other one slid around Elaine’s back to come around and grasp her tit. When she felt it, she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. But her eyes were on the screen.

The dancers continued. Now they were moving in long slow strokes. Down onto his cock, up until it almost fell out, then down again Connie’s pussy traveled. Terry was leaning forward watching avidly. I felt Elaine’s hand tighten on my thigh. She moaned slightly as I clutched her nipple. Then she softly whispered, “Now! NOW!”

With a final hard thrust of his hips, Dad drove his shaft as deep into Connie’s wet cunt as it would reach. Their bodies twisted against each other for a short time, with more and more intensity. Then suddenly I saw Connie’s arms tighten around Dad’s neck, her legs squeeze tighter around his ass, and her hips shaking. Dad’s hips thrust forward in perfect time with hers. I never saw a massive mutual climax like this one.

Elaine grabbed my cock and held it hard. I dropped my hand from her tit to her pussy and began rubbing in circles. On the screen, Terry gasped and her hips twitched in time with what she was watching. It was a great test of self-control for all three of us just to go to the edge and no further.

Dad and Connie pitched backward onto the bed. For a few minutes they just lay there, basking in the afterglow. Then slowly Dad pulled his cock out of her pussy. He sat up on the side of the bed and looked toward Terry. She gave him a big smile and said something, I suppose thanking them for the lesson.

Pretty soon they got up off the bed, picked up their clothes, spoke to Terry again and left the room. Terry was left sitting there nude, rubbing her pussy softly but looking lost in thought.

Elaine giggled again. I was starting to look forward to that giggle because it usually seemed to signal some interesting thing was about to happen. This time, she grabbed my hand that was rubbing her pussy and said, “Stop that, now. We’re on!”

I stared at her, not understanding what she meant. She pulled me by the hand to the door of my room and down the hall to her door. She tapped lightly on it, and we both stepped into the room, naked as jaybirds. Terry looked up as we entered. I saw her eyes go right to my cock which was standing up like a soldier. I am sure she grinned as she saw it.

“Brother!” she exclaimed. “I am so glad you are here for my eighteenth birthday!”

I stammered and blushed, I know. She bounced up from her chair and grabbed me around the neck. As she did her whole naked body pressed up against me, her bare tits rubbed my chest, and her pubic mound excited my cock directly. Without thinking I put my hands on her cute little ass and pressed her toward me.

“Graduation time, lil Sis,” giggled Elaine. “Now Mom and our new Dad showed you just what to do. I want to see you show what you learned.”

Terry glanced over my shoulder at Elaine. “I just know you two were over there watching, weren’t you?”

“Of course,” said Elaine. “And I bet Mom and Robert are on their way in there right now to check out the action.”

Terry pulled back from me just a bit, so she could look me in the eyes. She gave me an impish grin and said, “Well, new brother, I guess that is our challenge.”

I was just realizing what she meant. For her very first fuck on her eighteenth birthday, she planned to ride my cock just like Connie had ridden Dad’s. Suddenly I was overwhelmed, wondering if I could manage it like he did. She did not give me any chance to think about it.

We were both so ready. My rod was standing up hard and tall, and I was glad Elaine had only let me edge it. It throbbed with desire and was begging for that wet little pussy. I knew from watching Terry on the spycam that she had been fingering her slit too and that it was soft, engorged and ready to take my cock.

I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up. I let her slide down until she was just touching the very tip of my cock. I wanted so much to just ram it in her, but I knew I was supposed to make this a very special fuck. She locked her knees around me, holding herself in that position. Then together we allowed her to slide down, her soft wet tunnel enveloping my dick a fraction of an inch at a time.

Our mouths sought each other’s hungrily, our tongues working to arouse us even further. Her tits rubbed against mine, and I found my nipples were sensitive to their touch. Her heels dug into my butt and even that was arousing. She began to rock back and forth on my cock and we both moaned with pleasure.

Suddenly I could not stand it anymore. I jerked her ass and let it come down, impaling her all the way on the full length of my dick. She helped then and together we struck a fast rhythm which pulled and pushed her against my dick again and again. Behind me I heard Elaine gasp. Then other soft voices murmured and I realized Connie and Dad were in the room watching too.

I pressed forward until we were over the bed, then fell down on top of Terry in what I knew was called the missionary position. It has to be a good one, because I felt my dick filling her up totally and rubbing against the spots I thought stimulated her most. She moaned and rotated her hips, bringing me right up to that edge again. I put a hand on her hip and gently stopped the rotation so we could just indulge in the feeling of each other. The soft warm wet tunnel of her pussy clasped my throbbing rod tightly. I tightened my butt muscles to make it jump inside her, and she moaned with every jump.

I began to pull it out, then thrust it in. I had to be very slow and careful because I was edging hard and two strokes in a row would have sent me to my climax. My hands were on her tits, softly rubbing the nipples, then pushing them in, then softly teasing them. I pushed in hard, my dick reaching the very bottom of her sex. Then I held it there, not moving, but continuing to stroke her nipples.

She was moaning constantly now. Then she clutched me hard, and cried out, “Yes, now, now!” Her hips bucked against me and the movement pushed me into my orgasm. As I felt my jizz spurt into her pussy, I could also feel it contracting in waves around my cock. It was the most intense feeling I had ever had. Clearly, real sex was vastly better than rubbing my cock on the bed.

As our contractions stopped, I rolled slightly sideways so I wouldn’t fall right on her. She gasped as my cock pulled out of her, then she tightened her legs around mine and hugged me tight. For a few minutes we just lay there savoring our closeness.

Then again I heard soft murmurs. I was reminded of our audience. I raised my head and saw Elaine sitting on the dressing chair with her fingers still in her pussy. Behind her Dad and Connie had their arms around each other and were beaming at us like proud parents.

Connie chuckled then, and said, “Happy Eighteenth Birthday!” Dad and Elaine echoed the sentiments.

Then all three of them, naked as they were, headed for the bed to start the rest of the evening’s festivities in this open family.


Amy’s Fantasy

Initially, Amy was hesitant when Alex had asked her if she wanted to take the bus instead of a plane. She knew that what should have been a couple-hour journey would now take more than a whole day, but when she saw the price difference she would have to say yes.

She ended up being surprised with how much she liked the bus ride. Free wifi, air conditioning (which was nice for the dead-of-summer trip across state lines) and room for her ample legs to stretch and feel at home. It wasn’t easy being 5’10 and being on a plane for a few hours at a time – something told her Alex knew that. He was always so considerate, even though he liked to play the part of someone who didn’t care what anyone thought.

By the time she had thought to face away from outside the window which had occupied her gaze for the past few hours, Alex was already asleep. His hazel eyes were fully closed, his mouth slightly open, clearly in deep sleep. His rather pale skin was easy to see contrasting his dark apparel. His short wavy black hair was somehow always perfect, and his strong jawline, which he thanked his Ukrainian background for, could make anyone stop and stare. Amy smiled for her bad timing – she wanted to tell him thanks for the idea of the bus, and for the trip. They weren’t a couple by any means – in fact, Alex had a girlfriend – but thanks to the fact that Alex and his girlfriend were open, Amy and Alex had made out a couple of times.

Amy had her suspicions when Alex had asked her to go on an adventure with him a week or so ago, and figured he was looking to finally get into her pants. Of course, he had wanted to for a while, but Amy really enjoyed being a tease – the most they had done was find an empty university classroom and grind against each other, fully clothed, while they made out and lightly explored each other. Alex would move along to her neck after a while – he loved giving neck kisses – and tell her how hot he found her between kisses and bites.

And there was a lot to say – Amy had an amazing figure and knew it, sometimes to the extent where she would tease her figure for very lucky guys in ways too subtle to pin as intentional. Her brown eyes were flirty yet innocent, and she was blessed with amazing genetics, with an inquisitive, alluring face that complimented her innocent yet sexy expression, as well as boasting an adorable set of freckles. The genetics didn’t just end at her face, blessing her with a shockingly curvaceous body that boasted both impressive breasts and hips that made every girl she knew jealous. Her brown straight hair was always done up in a conservative ponytail, and her choice of clothing was always conservative to match. A lot about her was conservative, really – having been raised the daughter of a pastor from the John Miles Baptists, she knew she would have been caught dead if her parents knew she did anything outside of a relationship, so her parents never knew.

Sometimes she even preferred that way of life herself, but Alex caught her offguard. Not exactly what a professor would call a star student, Alex had his own quirky version of charm, and an ability to make anyone open up to him. Within months of meeting Alex and also deciding she wouldn’t pursue any kinds of hookups like her friends did, Amy ended up getting quite close with Alex when they happened to be discussing his relationship at a coffee shop one night. In minute one of that conversation, Alex revealed that he and his girlfriend were poly. In minute two, he revealed what a self-described slut he was. In minute ten, Amy was shocked to find that she had started shifting in her seat, she was so turned on.

Still, she refused to let up. She chalked it up to culture shock and didn’t want to be too curious, but ended up always asking Alex more questions about how poly culture worked. The more questions he answered, the more Amy was stunned at how easily he was willing to open up about his own sex life, and the wetter she became. Eventually, she had given up on trying not to masturbate as she asked him dirtier and dirtier questions over text, and had went from not needing to masturbate at all to doing it several times a day, without Alex ever knowing.

Or so she thought. One night while texting, Alex got very forward, like he hadn’t before. He had asked her if she was enjoying herself, and if she was using one finger or several. Amy, two fingers into herself, hadn’t known how to respond, and played it innocent, but Alex wasn’t having any of it. He started to explain to her how he had wanted her for a while just as he knew she wanted him, and after Amy tried to play dumb by asking how Alex wanted her, Alex went into a long fantasy story about eating her out in the middle of a lecture.

That was the night Amy caved. She had already known long before that she was wet for him, but she couldn’t contain it any longer and gushed that night – in more ways than one – about how badly she wanted him. Alex confessed how badly he wanted her right back, and the two felt like they were back in high school again for the weeks after, sneaking looks at each other when they crossed paths in the university hallway before they eventually snuck off to a private part of campus and made out for the first time.

From that point on, neither one of them could get the other out of their minds, but their timing wasn’t the best – the school year had ended, and neither of the two had planned on taking summer classes. For a few weeks the two were content to only text each other, with the tone only sometimes turning sexual. Then, out of nowhere, Alex surprised her by proposing the two of them take a journey to a cottage on the West Coast his family owned. An adventure, he said. Amy knew, or at least thought, that this was the moment, this was when they were going all the way. But once again, Alex surprised her, never making a move on her the entire week, with the both of them sleeping in different beds.

And that was so frustrating. Amy was always the tease. Amy was always the girl that drove guys wild with her body, her boobs, her ass, and while the week was a lot of fun, she was hot as a firecracker in anticipation of when Alex would finally live out one of those fantasies he was always telling her – fuck her up against the cottage window with her body on full display, finger her under the table at a restaurant he would take her to, bring her to the pier and fuck her against the fence, not caring who saw them – and he never did. As the week’s available time grew shorter and shorter, Amy was more and more sure it would happen, and her wetness grew. Yet she refused to masturbate, knowing that would make the inevitable moment Alex pinned her down and tore all of her clothes off even better. She wasn’t mad that he didn’t – how could she be? She even said once or twice that “maybe we shouldn’t do this,” and liked to play the innocent one of the two (a good choice on her end, as Alex was always the more blunt and forward one). Maybe he had his girlfriend suddenly went mono. Maybe he wanted to prove he genuinely liked her as a friend and the two were able to share a great week together without needing to fuck. Whatever it was, she knew two things – one, she respected him for what he did no matter why, and two, she was hornier than she had ever been in her whole life.

Amy bit her lip, still looking at Alex. She knew that they both were super into public stuff and the idea of exhibitionism, but also knew that both of them thought of it as a hypothetical, as a fantasy. She knew she wouldn’t, and couldn’t, actually masturbate on the bus with so many people here, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to, and picturing it. She almost chuckled to herself as she realized she could just as easily picture Alex fucking her, Alex finally taking her, Alex ripping off her conservative jeans and Amy finally getting to feel him inside her, like she craved all week. Amy started to squirm in her seat as the fantasy played out in her mind…


It was late at night, late enough that the lights were on throughout the bus, painting everything in its slight yellow tint, but soon the lights would turn off so that the bus-goers could get some sleep. Amy was wide awake, and as far as she knew, so was Alex.

For a little while longer, she was content to stare out the window and just think to herself, until she felt something on her neck. She turned her head just enough to see that Alex had adjusted himself so that his head was now resting on her shoulder. Amy simply smiled to herself, thinking about how cute he was. Alex had a talent and being cute in a kind of childish way and yet being so animalistically attractive, and Amy liked him for both of his cutenesses.

She would have turned away gingerly to look out the window again when suddenly she felt movement. Kissing. The electric touch of lips on her neck, sending minor shocks flowing through her. If there was one form of foreplay that got Amy going, it was neck kisses. She scoffed, whispering, “You aren’t asleep at all!” in a playfully accusatory tone.

Alex never responded. Instead, little by little, the kisses became more and more forceful. Amy was getting a little concerned at this point, looking around nervously without moving too much to give herself away. She wasn’t sure how she felt about how on display the couple were, but even then, that didn’t stop her eyes from fluttering and from little moans escaping her lips. The kisses by this point had definitely graduated to hickeys, and by the way Alex had adjusted, he was definitely very awake, very aware of what he was doing, and most seductively, very confident.

By this point, both of them were insanely turned on and not ready by any means to leave it where it was. Soon after, Alex took one of his hands and slid it down her front, tracing a line down her midriff to below her belt, where he pried her legs open (which Amy had to admit felt second nature at this point) and started rubbing her over her jeans. It didn’t matter much that Amy couldn’t actually feel it very much, the neck kisses had made her more turned on than anything and she was not hypersensitive to his touch and panting with every move he made. Plus, something was deliciously teasing about the whole thing. She could feel it just enough to feel excited, to feel on display. Amy thought she would have felt more nervous putting on an actual public performance for the first time, but it felt so wonderful, so awful, so right to be a spectacle.

Gradually, Amy felt the nervousness wash away, replaced with desire and lust. She wanted nothing more than Alex right now, and to be his. To be marked as his, to complete the ritual. She grabbed his head and moved it to align with her own, and kissed him with a passion she didn’t know she had. She wasted no time and didn’t have the patience to tease him, she instead immediately wrestled her tongue with his as she practically writhed in her seat, begging for release.

As she released her kiss and still felt the hand on her pants, her eyes slowly opened to reveal the first set of eyes on the adventurous duo. A young girl, probably 20 at oldest, mouth slightly open in disbelief, no longer concentrating on the book in her hands. Being a decently rational girl most of the time, Amy had figured seeing someone notice her would snap her out of any horny state she could be in. But it didn’t. It just made her hornier. Amy was showing herself off, and she liked it. She liked being on display for a definite audience, and she liked being Alex’s public slut. Amy licked her lips, not taking her eyes off of the girl, and moaned slightly louder, as an experiment.

The girl didn’t move, she only stared back, still probably in disbelief. Amy was willing to stare down the girl and see if she would win (she was reasonably sure lust was building up in the girl’s eyes) when suddenly she felt something and tore her eyes tore away from the girl to the source. Alex was unbuttoning her pants, and Amy couldn’t help but moan uncontrollably. It was happening. It was actually fucking happening. She lifted her ample ass enough for Alex to slide her pants and panties down her beautiful legs, and spread those legs farther in anticipation of feeling Alex’s no doubt expert hands on her, with no stupid clothing in the way. ‘Who cares who sees me?’ the lust-drunk girl thought to herself, losing her grip on reality in the face of unimaginable pleasure. She just wanted to feel Alex’s hands on her, and in her. She was his now. She was his good girl.

More people were noticing now, with Amy moaning louder and Alex slipping one finger, then two inside her. His hands felt every bit as good as she’d hoped. Amy could barely open her eyes enough to see a man watching with his partner, his girlfriend. She could tell that watching her and Alex had turned this man on – no, it had driven his lust wild. He began to passionately kiss his girlfriend, which surprised her at first. While looking around in surprise, the girlfriend finally claps her eyes on the exhibitionist pair and, still in liplock, smiles mischievously at Amy with her eyes. Seemingly not wanting to be outdone, never taking her gaze off of Amy, she reaches into her boyfriend’s pants and fishes out his cock.

Even with the crazy situation she was in, Amy gasped, and not purely in pleasure. She had absolutely no clue what was going on, but with her senses overwhelmed like this, all she could do is throw her head back and moan. Amy wasn’t the only one to notice the competing couple, with Alex looking intently at them as she begins to jack her boyfriend off, and being entranced to the point where he stopped fingering Amy, for just a few seconds. He turned his gaze to face her, with a hunger in his eyes, having never said a word this whole time, and in one surprisingly swift motion, tore her shirt off. He couldn’t bother to remove her bra and hastily shoved it to the side, launching on her erect nipples immediately, encircling her areolae teasingly with his tongue. Amy was still trying to restrict her moaning, but they couldn’t escape the fact that a lot of guys were intentionally watching her at this point. Amy took her gaze back to the original bookworm girl, who had a hand down her pants and was biting her lip in lust, until she noticed Amy was staring at her and abruptly pulled her hand back up. Amy simply smiled at the girl and stopped moaning to nod at the girl, who put on the smallest, most sheepish smile ever as her hand slowly re-descended back into her pants to rub her clit.

The bus was through the looking glass at that point. Some guys were rubbing themselves through their clothing, with the more adventurous ones going so far as to take out their dicks. The competitive couple was fully going at it at this point – the girlfriend’s head was in her boyfriend’s lap, bobbing up and down. Amy couldn’t even bring herself to think about how crazy this situation was, how illegal it was. She was only thinking about how hot it was. How badly she needed the release.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. As if the rest of the bus wasn’t fully aware what was going on by now, Amy threw her head back and moaned for Alex, loudly. She loved this attention, and how good he was making her feel. She didn’t care how the people viewed her – in fact, she wanted them to see her as his dirty slut.

Now that the bus knew, and liked, what was going on, there was no more sense in pretending. Amy started to stand up, Alex taking his now-four fingers out of her as she did so, and kicked off her pants as if they were ablaze. Quickly and spontaneously, she turned around and took out Alex’s dick, which was wonderfully thick, long, and painfully hard. She had considered blowing him, but blowjobs were for teases, and Amy wasn’t a tease – she was a slut. Instead she began to sit herself down on Alex, positioning herself above his pulsating member. At first, Alex chuckled in disbelief, but quickly helped her, to the cheering of the bus passengers that surrounded them, as Alex slowly inserted himself into Amy for the first time.

Even though Amy was fairly tight, she was so wet that lubrication was zero problem. It was a perfect fit, satisfying her like scratching a thousand itches at once, and she could swear she had died and gone to heaven. There was nothing she wanted more than to be animalistically pounded immediately until she couldn’t breathe anymore, but she wanted to put on a good show. She wound up teasing herself with how slowly she began to move herself up and down on Alex’s cock in the name of putting on a good show, but soon she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. She needed this. This is how she wanted to be. Fucking him on a bus, driving everyone wild with lust as she showed all of them that she was his fucktoy, his cocksleeve, his good girl.

She rode him with near-blinding speed, almost screaming with pleasure as people masturbate to the sight of her, Alex now pumping her right back as she rode him. That’s when the game-changing moment happened – one bold boy, about her age, approached her with his dick in hand. Alex grinned, almost evilly, showing his first real reaction of the night, and slowed down his thrusts, enough to stabilize her. Amy, adrenaline taking over, took the hint. Heart pounding, unable to believe she was doing this, took the stranger’s cock in her mouth.

The sensation of having her mouth filled with a stranger’s cock is filling her head with naughty thoughts and taboo pleasures. She knew, in that moment, that this was how she was meant to be. Being the bus slut felt so right to her.

No one could resist at this point, and other men soon lined up to get the chance to have Amy suck them off. They were practically a blur, and Amy was going from one to the next like a pro. Like a slut. One came in her mouth – Amy recognized him as the boyfriend who got blown by his partner what felt like seconds before this happened. She got curious as to where the girlfriend ended up – as if on cue, the girlfriend appeared beside her, smiling and tilting Amy’s head towards hers. She gave Amy a cute wink before kissing her deeply with Amy’s mouth full of cum, using her tongue in Amy’s mouth to swap spit and cum between their two mouths. Guys, random strangers she never met, were cheering and Amy melted into the kiss as Alex picked up speed, drilling her with his long, thick cock.

Amy could still taste cum in her mouth as the girlfriend pulled away from the kiss, kneels down beside the original exhibitionists, and takes the next guy in line into her mouth. Amy couldn’t believe it – now there were two girls, a public show and a blowjob slut. To Amy’s utter amazement, it doesn’t last long and the next guy grabs the blowjob slut, throws her against the seat in front of her, tears off her pants, and starts railing her, right there in front of Amy. She had a front row seat to watching this girl get fucked by a guy she doesn’t even know, all while she rode Alex like her life depended on it and desperately sucked off strangers, savoring the cum and pleasure they rewarded her with.

Amy could see out of the corner of her eye that even the bookworm girl was getting in on it, and was shyly jacking off a boy next to her, whispering something in his ear as she soiled herself. It was really clear that this was her first sexual experience ever, and Amy felt so proud to know she had caused it.

Amy wanted to do this every day. She wanted to degrade herself like this to everyone. Amy was such a good girl, such a good slut, knowing it was her job to pleasure all these men, knowing they were cumming for her.

She was the best slut they’ve ever had. She was making them so happy. But there was one more thing she could do for them.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Alex exploded inside her, releasing more cum than she thought a person could even hold, and Amy came like she never thought she could. She literally screamed as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her, bringing her the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. After her climax subsided, Amy knew exactly what to do. She gently got up off of the spent Alex, walked calmly to the back of the bus (making sure to put a saunter into her walk to show off her amazing and cum-splattered ass) and bent against a chair near the back, arching her back and offering her pussy to anyone that wanted it. She was truly the bus slut now, and given the line forming for her, she was going to be busy for the rest of the ride. And what a long, bumpy ride it would be.


Amy awoke with a start, a wet spot clearly visible between her legs even in the low light, breathing heavily. It was a…? She glanced, almost desperately, towards Alex, who was still asleep. In fact, as she glanced around the bus, she could confirm that everyone was asleep. At first, she was angry, realizing that the fantasy was just that, a fantasy, but then she glanced over at sleeping Alex’s crotch.

She stared at it for a few seconds, determination on her face, before shrugging. Teasing only got her so far. She knew what she wanted, and she knew what she had to be to get it.

She reached forward and started to feel Alex’s crotch over his jeans, when Alex’s eyes burst open and he woke suddenly.

“Woah woah woah, what’re you doing?” Alex asked, clearly caught off guard.

“Ssssh.” Amy reassured him calmly, a smile on her face. She said nothing further, and continued to fondle him as she felt him getting hard. “Everyone’s asleep. How much do you think we can get away with right now?”

Alex’s expression turned from shocked to mischievous delight as they attacked each other’s mouths in animalistic passion.


The Dangers Of Being The Designated Driver

This is a true story. Names, Ages, and some details have been changed to protect the identities of all persons involved.

My name is Frank, 22 years old, I am still six foot one with a wide muscular frame. My time is u spent in the gym. I have short black hair and tan skin. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend (this is the last i will mention her) for almost four years now and never once until last night have I even come close to cheating on her.

Last night a few friends and I decided to try out this new Mexican restaurant known for having the best margaritas. Being broke and unemployed for the last few weeks I decided to be the designated driver. As I pulled up to my friends house I knew this night was going to be trouble. My friend Rebecca had texted me a picture of her outfit she was wearing for the night with the caption

“Is this to slutty?”. She was wearing white jeans that stopped at her waist. Her mid section revealing her flat stomach and her sexy belly button ring. Her top was a pink button down with the top two buttons undone showing off her perky C cup breasts.

I texted her back ” you know it suppose to be a casual night, you didnt have to dress up”.
she texted me back asking “is your girlfriend was coming”.
I said “No why”.
All i got back was a “;)”.

I didn’t tell any of my friends about the texts from Rebecca but I knew already it was going to be a long night. I finished picking the guys up then drove to Rebecca’s house. I texted her that I was outside.

I was joking with my buddy Steve when i see Rebecca walking out of her house. She was swinging her hips as she walked strutting her body. She was hot, single and about to be in a car full of guys. She knew we were all checking her out as she bent over to get in the car.
Her cleavage exposed as she climbed into the back seat. The scent of her perfume hit us all at the same time. Her thong strings high above the waist of her pants.

She had us all in the palm of her hand, drooling like dogs looking at a piece of meat. She could have had any guy she wanted that night but I was the only one she was interested in.

Some quick back story between Rebecca and me.

We first met years earlier at a open bar charity event months before I met my girlfriend. I was drunk hooking up with a random girl i had just met and Rebecca was there watching it all happen. She went away for a few months on a internship and at her coming home party I had already started seeing my girlfriend. At her party we had a few drinks and she started touching my shoulder, when I told her I was in a relationship she “accidentally ” started showing me porn she had on her phone. She was asking me about the girl in the video and what i thought of her ass. She started rubbing my chest when I had to cut her off. she got pissed and stormed off. later that night i received a snapchat from her in just her bra asking me what I thought.

Here is where I went wrong. I should have just ignored it but I’m young and horny. I sent her back a text
” if i was single that bra would be on the floor”.
she texted me back ” how about you come over and take it off”.

That weekend she went to a club and was texting me that she wished I was there. I told her that if I was single and there I would sneak off with her to the back of the club. She told me the next day I got her so wet she fucked a guy she met that night but was thinking about me.

I loved her long legs, her round ass. The perky C cups. The rumors of her giving the most amazing blowjob had me intrigued. I knew it was going to get me in trouble one day

flash forward a few years later and we were still texting each other like this when one of us were really horny and feeling alone. My friends had all tried taking a run at her but she wasn’t interested in hooking up with any of them. One of my buddies tried a few times and had been rejected on each one of them.

Back to the Present

We get to the restaurant and they all start drinking. After she had a few drinks I start to notice her elbow bumping into my elbow. After a few more drinks her hand lands on my thigh and she starts to rub it. I push her hand away subtly. At this point i was sweating trying not to let anyone notice what’s going on. Around 11:30pm I start to notice Rebecca has become very intoxicated and has knocked over her second drink. I tell my friends to ask for the check, it’s time to go.

I should have taken her home first. I didn’t, the thought did not even occur to me until the next day.

We all began to pile back into the car. I climbed into the driver’s seat and my friends climbed into the back. Rebecca got in last and was sitting in the passenger seat. Her eyes locked onto mine and wouldn’t let go.

The moment I started driving she started grabbed my cock, I pushed her hand away and I know the guys saw it. They were sitting in the back seat and could see every time her hand found its way to my groin area.

She went to do it again and again I pushed her hand away.

Every time we got to one of my friend’s houses she had to get out of the front seat to let the people in the back out. But instead of getting out of the car she would slid onto my lap and grab
my dick.

We did this dance for two stops until we arrived at the last house

We get to the last stop and my friend gets out except this time she doesn’t slide onto my lap. Instead when he gets out she gets out and when she gets back in she just sits there staring at me.

“what” I ask her she says
” you know what” she says as she starts to slowly un button her shirt.

” Rebecca what are you doing” I quickly respond
she looks at me as she’s un buttoning her shirt ” what? you don’t like what you see”

“I like it but you know I’m in a relationship”

she says ” she’s not in this car right now”

the shirt is now on the floor and my dick is rock hard. My heart is racing I’m trying to focus on the road but my hands are shaking. I stop at a stop sign and when I look back at Rebecca her the pants are unbuttoned and she’s rubbing her clit.

“does this turn you on” she asked

I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth before she grabbed my cock again.

“Mmmm you’re hard” she said with a smirking grin on her face

At this point I had to pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t maintain my lane anymore

What a sight it would be for a police officer if I had been pulled over

I had a half naked drunk girl rubbing her clit with one hand and stroking my cock with the other.

I saw a quite spot on a backstreet corner and pulled over. I don’t think I could have thrown the car in park fast enough, my hand trembling both nervously and anxiously. I could feel the sweat dripping down my forehead, my shirt stuck to my chest.

Then it happened

The first time our lips touched my heart stopped. the buildup, passion, fear, lust the years waiting for this moment and dreading this moment all came to a head when our lips met.

She pounced on my lap. I didnt know which to grab first her ass or her tits. She made my mind up for me grabbing my hands and forcing them up to her breasts. her nipples were as perfect as I imagined they would be. To my surprise they were also pierced. little metal studs ran through her nipples.

I had never seen that before. I loved to tease girls with belly button rings. I would lick it before I went down on them to tease them. This was new to me and I was very aroused. She started tugging at my belt and suddenly we heard a car honking. She jumped off my lap and we ducked down for fear someone had seen us. We picked our heads up only to realize she had sat on the horn.

We decided to go into the back seat. She climbed into the backseat first so she could stick her ass in my face.

I slapped her ass and she smiled back at me. Her ass was perfect, for a chick who was usually too busy to work out she had an amazing body. she took her pants off before I could get in the back seat. she bent over showing off her ass in the white G string she had on

” How many times have you stared at me ass and wondered what it looked like”
“A lot” I said with a shaky voice

I slapped her ass again and began to kiss it gently slowly sliding her G string down leaving her fully naked body glistening in the moonlight in the back seat. I laid her on her back and climbed on top of her. I began kissing her neck and she slide my pants off. My dick was ready and willing.

” Wow, so this is what you have been hiding from me” she said with a grin

” You like?” I replied

” If I was your girlfriend this cock would never be out of my sight”

she could barley wrap her hand around it.

“Okay seriously I have seen thick cocks and I have seen long cocks but this is perfect..I can’t believe you have been hiding this from me all these years.. matter of fact I can’t believe your girlfriend does not walk with a limp”

I smiled and said “thanks, but I don’t have a condom”

she said “it’s okay I’m on the pill”

I asked “could have a blowjob first”

She smirked “is it’s because of the rumors about me giving amazing head?”

Before I could even said yes she had swallowed my whole cock down her throat. Her hand and mouth worked my shaft up and down. I slid a finger into her while she was blowing me, I thought to myself it was the most amazing blowjob I had ever had.

My knees started to get weak and a feeling like this might not last to much longer started to grow. I tried to think of something besides this beautiful sexy girl with my cock in her mouth to try and last longer.

I started to feel bad about what I was doing. As much as the guilt of this was killing me it really was the most amazing blowjob. she licked the shaft from bottom to the top of my head spitting on my cock and slapping it on her tongue.

I pushed her onto her back and asked if she was okay.

” Am I ok? you’re the one that seems nervous” she said

“I meant are you too drunk to do this” i asked

she looked at me smiled, grabbed my cock guided me into her pussy and said

“shut up and fuck me”

“Not yet” I winked at her

I started kissing her tits sucking on them and gently biting her nipples. She grabbed the back of my head as I began to kiss her chest going down her stomach, to her belly button ring. I began licking her belly button ring like it was her clit and I wanted her to cum.

“You’re getting me so wet, either lick my pussy stop doing that.”

I licked her clit and she moaned. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head into her pussy. I started licking fast, sucking on her clit and biting the inside of her thighs.

“Stop licking and fuck me already”

I sat up and climbed onto of her.

She shivered as my cock entered her. The thickness of it stretching the walls of her pussy. She winced in pain and I stopped. I was not even half way in yet and already it was hurting her

“Slower” she said. It was obvious The pain and discomfort was more than what she was used to

As my cock pushed on deeper and deeper into her she seemed to relax more. I looked down to see she had already became to cum on my cock. It was so wet and warm.

Then it hit me

I had never had sex without a condom before this moment. The moment that thought entered my head I thought I was going to cum. I started to thrust back and forth slowly afraid to go to fast and cum to soon. I leaned forward and kissed her as I played with her tits. I started the thrust faster and faster the car squeaking rocking back and forth. She was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors were going to come out and see what was going on.

“stop” Rebecca said suddenly

” why what’s wrong, are you okay” I said nervously

” I have a surprise for you”

“what” I said

She flipped over and got on all fours

“Fuck my ass”

“Seriously?!?” I almost yelled with excitement

” Yea it feels like I’m constantly cumming when I get fucked in the ass”

” I don’t have any lube”

” You feel how wet your dick is already just go in with the head slowly”

I had never done anal and I think she knew that. Im pretty sure she wanted to be a few of my firsts. I think knowing that every time I thought about these memories they would be with her. Every time a friend asked me about the first time I tried anal it would be a memory of her.

I started thrusting into her ass when I noticed she was playing with her clit and getting loud.

I started to thrust harder and harder, she was moaning louder. I felt her body twitch. I leaned forward and put my hand over her mouth to muffle her orgasm. She bit my hand, Cumming so hard. Her muffled moaning and pelvic thrusts were enough to make the neighbors look out there windows.

Her juices running down her leg onto the seat of my car.

“Holy fuck” she was panting and gasping for air

“That was worth it, I haven’t been fucked that good in a long time”

“Can I ask you for a favor Could I titty fuck you and cum on your tits”
I asked as the feeling of Cumming was close

“If you ever done that before” she asked as she squeezed her perky tits together

“No I haven’t, my girlfriend would never let me”

” No anal? No titty fucking? making you wear a condom? why do you put up with her” she said sneeringly ” If you were my man I would let you do whatever you wanted to me”

I got onto her stomach as she squeezed her perky C cup breasts together.

My dick was still wet and slid between her tits. I began thrusting but couldn’t take it anymore it felt so good I started breathing heavier and heavier, she knew I was about to cum. she grabbed my dick and began jerking it. a rush hit my body and I froze up as I came. I looked down to see my cum shoot all over her tits and onto her face, she winced as I pulsed again shooting more onto her tits.

I collapsed backwards onto my butt and looked at the mess I had made. The cum covered girl I just cheated with laying in my backseat. The windows fogged up our clothes on the floor.
I snapped back to reality I almost started crying. i wished i could hit a rewind button. She wiped the cum off her face and tits with my sock as she put her clothes back on.

We got redressed and I drove her home in silence. I pulled up to her house, we looked at each other and awkwardly and said goodnight. she went to kiss me and I pulled away. she got out angrily and slammed the door.

To this day we haven’t spoken about what happened.


College Friends

Mmm, I was so horny. I was in my pool, naked, sitting in the shallow end the night before my flight, fingering myself. With my free hand, I grabbed a breast, easily bringing it to my own mouth to suck. It’d been months since I got any action.

I was fine with that. I didn’t feel like dating. I didn’t care to meet up for drinks, to wait by the phone, to come up with crap to talk about; everything that went along with dating. I was fine being alone, having sex to, well, myself. I had my toys, my fingers, everything I needed to orgasm. I also enjoyed spending time with my son.

There was desire to have a person in me, yes. I got so horny sometimes, the lust and desire to touch another human, I had to masturbate in the bathroom at work. However, I stayed strong. I would have no drama in my life.

After I climaxed, I climbed out of the pool, the cool night air sending tingles over my body. I grabbed my towel, went inside and called Kristen. I couldn’t wait to see her to tomorrow. I was flying to Atlanta to visit her for my vacation. My son would stay with his Aunt, and it’d be a trip I’d make alone.

Unfortunately, the circumstances weren’t happy. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Trent, betrayed her. He cheated on her with another woman. I was shocked and saddened by this. My friend, Kristen, someone I met back in my sophomore year of college, 14 years ago, was so hurt she moved away from LA, away from everyone. She said she needed time to adjust and try to move on. I thought she might’ve been embarrassed by the whole ordeal. The only thing I could do to comfort her was hold her.

When I arrive in Atlanta for my visit, I’ll do just that – hold her, let her cry, for as long as needed.

I gave her a call, unwrapping the towel from my body, sitting on the bed.


I wiped a few tears, unable to sleep, as usual. Wendy called me. I knew she’d know I was wide awake. I sniffed, collected myself and answered.

“Hey,” I said, trying to sound like I was asleep.

“Hi there. Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be there with you. We’ll be drinking, talking, laughing,” Wendy told me.

“Yes, I can’t wait.”

“You sound so excited,” Wendy joked.

“I’m sorry, Wendy. I just –“ I had no words, other than I was miserable.

“It’s fine, it really is. You don’t have to wear a happy face for me. I’m here for you, and tomorrow, I’ll be there for you.”

“I know and I am looking forward to it. I could use your hugs,” I told her. It was true. Being held by my old friend, takes me back to my freshman year of college. I was so scared, but she was the RA of our dorm, and helped me get through it. We became best friends – sort of like sisters.

She was my maid of honor. Ugh, why’d I have to think of my wedding? I have no idea how I’ll ever get through this, how I’ll ever stop thinking of Trent and how he hurt me.

We finalized our plans, when I’d pick her up from the airport and so on. I ended the call and walked around my new apartment. There were still boxes strewn about. I haven’t had the energy to unpack or do anything really.

One box in the corner had a lot of memorabilia from the wedding, from the marriage; gifts, photos, stuff like that. I stared at it, contemplating throwing it all away, chucking it in the dumpster. Then I thought about dating.

I can’t do it. I can’t go out and try to meet men. The one man who I thought was perfect, broke my heart, ruined our marriage. I have to be alone for a while.

I sat on the edge of my bed and cried again. All the plans I had, children, a nice house together, were ruined. I thought about Wendy. She’s been my best friend since college. I couldn’t wait to see her. I imagined myself becoming like jelly in her arms at the airport. I needed her hugs so bad.


“Kristen!” I exclaimed, running to my friend, throwing my arms her. She was already tearing up. We stood there in the airport, holding each other. She was crying. I was expecting that. I just held her.

She gained her composure, I grabbed her hand, and off to baggage claim we went. Kristen reminded of that scared, nervous freshman, whose parents pushed her out of the nest. I was there for her then, and now in her greatest heartbreak, I’m here for her again.

“You look gorgeous,” I told her.

“Please don’t,” she wiped her eyes.

“You do. Crying face and all,” I smiled at her. I put my arm around her, her head resting against my shoulder. “We’re going to have a great week. I’ll be like your medicine!”

“Ha, sure,” she laughed weakly.

I wished she hadn’t moved away. I wished hadn’t run from everything. But, I suppose I can empathize.

Grabbing my luggage with one hand, her hand with my other, off we went. I followed her to her car and got in.

We arrived at her apartment a little later. I set my bag in her room, used the bathroom, and headed out to the living room. There Kristen was, crying on the couch. I immediately went to her side.


I knew when Wendy got here, everything would come out. I guess having her around enabled me to really let loose and cry. I almost regret leaving LA, but I had to get away from him, from everything that reminded me of him.

Wendy was so warm. I guess those big boobs of hers act as pillows. I closed my eyes, feeling her fingers through my blonde hair, pulling me against her chest. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” she asked me.

I sat up, wiping my eyes, “Pillows.”

“Oh, these?” she looked to her chest. “Feel free to use them!”

I smiled, collapsing against her again. I could hear her heart beat.

“Maybe we could go out tonight,” she suggested. “Get some drinks, maybe go dancing.”

“Oh, no, no way. I’m not going to some club with a bunch of guys trying to pick up ladies. I don’t even want to be around guys right now.”

“Then we can go to a gay bar,” Wendy said. “You wouldn’t have to deal with guys hitting on you. I mean, look at you, I can totally see how that’d be a problem.”

I couldn’t help but blush. “Sorry, I’m not a lesbian though.”

“We’ll just have to pretend then,” Wendy winked at me. I know she was trying to cheer me up, to get me out of the apartment, to take my mind off things. I guess if I were to ever pretend to be with a woman, she’d be the woman I’d pretend to be with. If we went to a gay club, I wouldn’t have to deal with guys coming up to me – not that they would, in my opinion.

I smiled, took a deep breath. “Sure. Why not.”

Kristin looked so beautiful. Seeing her in her dress, makeup, in the low lit lighting of the club, made me angry to think Trent gave this up – gave her up.

We drank, we danced; it was her and I, lost in our world together.

I saw her smile. Her beautiful, full lips, were so incredibly kissable. I almost did. I suppose I could’ve blamed it on the alcohol.

A woman approached her when we were chatting at the bar. I shrugged, nodding to Kristen, saying she should dance and shooed her away.

I watched from afar. The woman was behind Kristen, her hands on her hips. Kristen was grinding against her, laughing at herself, having a good time.

When the song ended, the women led Kristen back over to me. She thanked me for letting her dance with my partner. We didn’t correct the woman. We simply smiled, grabbed each other’s hands and left.

“So you have fun dancing with that woman?” I asked on the way to Kristin’s apartment.

“Yep. You know? She was kinda hot.”

“Oh is that right?”

“Yes, but there was a much hotter woman there. She had long dark hair, big boobs, her name was Wendy I think,” Kristen joked.

“Oh yeah? You should’ve got her number, maybe gone home with her,” I said.

“Or I could’ve brought her home with me. You wouldn’t have minded, would you?” she asked me.

“Not at all! But I would’ve brought home a girl too. She was the hottest one there. A blonde named Kristen. Mmm,” I smiled at her.

“Ah, looks like we missed out then. Guess we’ll settle for each other. Maybe Trent ruining my marriage has made me become a lesbian!”

“Well, baby,” I laughed, “I’ll be gay with you!”


We got home, changed into pajamas, grabbed some wine and went to bed. I was using Wendy’s boobs as a pillow again.

“Thank you for being here, again,” I told Wendy.

I couldn’t help but smile. Her arm draped over me, rubbing my back

“I’m glad to be here. I missed you. I know it wasn’t that long since you moved here, but it felt like a long time. I thought about driving by Trent’s and egging his house,” Wendy said.

“You should have!” I sat up, grabbing my wine, gulping it down. “Ah. Back to my titty pillow.”

“You can use them for that if you want,” Wendy extended her arm, smiling as I snuggled against her.

Running my hand over her tummy, her warm tit-pillow against the side of my head, I told Wendy I loved her. It had to have been the alcohol mixed with my gratitude of her flying out to spend time with me during a sad time of my life.

“I love you too,” she kissed the top of my head.

In her arms, warm, cozy, at peace, I fell asleep with a smile on my face – something that hadn’t happened in a long time.


I got up early, cooking breakfast for Kristen. I drove to a grocery store nearby and got bacon and eggs. I was standing there in the kitchen, turning bacon, when I felt her warm body against my back. I set the fork down, turned around, and hugged her.

“I’m taking you shopping today,” I said, kissing her head. “Then tonight, we’re going out to dinner.”

“Wendy, you don’t have to do this,” she said.

“I want to. Now go shower, save me some water. Unless you want me to get in there with you. These big boobs would take up a lot of room though,” I joked.

Kristen eyed my chest, “Yes, yes they would.” She playfully licked her lips.

“Mmm, naughty girl,” I grinned, tending to the bacon.

A few hours later, we found ourselves holding hands again, as we walked from store to store. I didn’t mind. She didn’t seem to either. I thought it was sweet – whatever brought her happiness.

I bought her several things, much to her protest. New shoes, a dress, were among the items.

I drove back to her apartment, my hand resting on her thigh. “We’re going to eat some place night tonight. It’ll be very romantic.”

I rubbed her thigh. “Ooh, I could use that,” Kristen said, caressing my hand.

“Good. You’re my woman, tonight,” I grinned, thinking how stupid Trent was to hurt her.


We sat in a nice, secluded booth. Wendy was right, it was very romantic. For some reason, maybe loneliness, or joy that she was there was with me, I held her hand the entire dinner. We spoon fed each other dessert too.

She told me I was beautiful. I blushed, but let it roll off me. I figured she was telling me this, being sweet to me, hoping to cheer me up. It was working.

Wendy drove back to my place afterward. I held her arm, and she led me to my apartment.

I stopped her at the door, giving her a big hug. “Thank you for a wonderful, uh, date,” I smiled.

“No, thank you. I love spending time with you,” Wendy said.

I leaned in, reflexively, and gave Wendy a kiss on the cheek. “Would you, uh, care to come in?” I joked.

“Mmm, absolutely,” Wendy grinned, grabbing my hand, as I led us inside.

I set my purse down, making my way to the kitchen. Wendy sat on the couch, playing with her long, dark hair. I grabbed two wine glasses, filling them up. If this was a date, it was a great one. I was so happy my old college friend was there with me.

I sat next to her, turned to face her. Wendy facing me. We were mostly quiet, sipping our wine, giving simple caresses to a hand, forearm, knee, trading smiles.


Kristen was so gorgeous. I was in awe of her. Her heart was broken, she moved away, destroyed, yet there she was, on the couch next to me, radiating beauty.

Her lips, I couldn’t help but stare at them. They’re so big, full, beautiful.

“You need to be kissed,” I spoke up.


“I said you need to be kissed. With lips like yours, those beauties need to be kissed every day. It’d be stupid for anyone to not want to,” I told her.

“Wendy,” she blushed again, looking away. “I know you’re just trying to –“

I lunged at Kristen, grabbing her face, planting a big kiss on her mouth. She was shocked and moved away. “Sorry,” I said. “I, uh –“

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s ok,” She smiled awkwardly.

“I thought maybe I could, I mean, you would’ve liked –“

“No, yeah, I did. I liked it. I just didn’t think you would. I guess maybe I could use a kiss. Or two,” Kristen said.

“Or two?” I smiled.

“Well, maybe more. It’s just you. My friend,” she looked away again.

“Hey,” I placed my hand on hers.


I kissed Wendy. When she put her hand on mine, I lost it. I went for it, I kissed her hard. I didn’t care that she was a woman. Then and there she was my friend, someone who was there for me when I needed her – possibly in every way.

We broke the kiss, gasping for air. “Sorry,” I said.

“No, don’t be,” she smiled back. We kissed again, this time much slower. Our hands went to each other’s hair, our lips caressed each other’s, our tongues very subtly met in the middle.

We couldn’t stop. I didn’t want her to.

Wendy pushed me away, climbing on top of me, straddling me on my couch. We kept kissing and kissing – it was so soft and sweet.

Wendy ended the kiss. “I um, not normally like this.”

“Me neither. But, I think I need it,” I looked to her eyes.

“Then I’m here. All for you,” Wendy said. She then did something that made my eyes widen and mouth drop. She pulled her dress aside and exposed her bare breasts to me.

“Suck them,” she told me. She brought her hand to one, holding it for me to take.

“I, uh,” I stammered.

“It’s ok, it’s just us. Take it, You need it,” she said.

I nodded, flicked my tongue across her erect nipple, gave her one last look, then grabbed that big tit and sucked on it as hard as I could.


Oh shit! I almost climaxed just watching another woman, Kristen, suck from me, nurse from me, wrap those big, beautiful lips around my nipple. Trent was one lucky man to have her. I can imagine those same lips wrapped around his cock. He was a fool to throw it all away.

“Kri-Kristen!” I whimpered. She stopped sucking my breast, licking her lips, looking up to me.


“Are, are we gonna, you know?” I asked.

“I need this. I need you. Yes, we are,” she said. “Kiss me again.”

I did as she requested, planting my mouth on hers. Both of them opened, both tongues slithered out, both mouths were joined and closed on top of the other.

I was grinding against her, riding her, through one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had.

I nibbled and pulled at her bottom lip, smiled, and reentered her mouth with my tongue. I could’ve done it all night – kissing her, sucking her lips and tongue.

Eventually, she ended the kiss, both of us panting for air. Kristen looked to my other breast, then back at me.

“Yes,” I smiled. “I’m your medicine, remember?”

She licked those big lips of hers and nodded slowly.


“Mmm, delicious,” I thought, sucking on Wendy’s other breast. I wished there was milk in them. This felt so good, like all my troubles and heartache were washing away by my best friend giving her body to me.

She orgasmed in my arms. I couldn’t believe it. I gave a woman an orgasm. I kept sucking and sucking on her tit, wondering if I was a lesbian now.

Smiling up at her, releasing her nipple from my mouth, I said the word “lesbian” in my head again.

“Let’s go to bed,” I suggested.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Wendy got off me, I stood, we held hands and headed to bed.

“You made me cum,” She said as we walked, pushing a long lock of hair behind her ear. Her massive breasts were still hanging out.

“I know,” we arrived at the foot of my bed.

“I’d like to return the favor,” she said.

“How so?” I asked, not putting two-and-two together.

Wendy said nothing, only removing the rest of her dress. She stood nude before me, smiling softly. I looked over her hour glass body.

I undressed next while maintaining eye contact. We stood in front of one another for a moment. I imagined she was thinking the same thing I was.

“I’m about to have my first lesbian experience,” I thought. I inched closer, we grabbed each other’s faces, and once again, invaded each other’s mouths with our tongues.


Not taking my mouth off Kristen’s, I guided her to the bed, gently onto her back. On top of her, I kissed her neck, in between her breasts, over her sexy tummy, and on down to her pussy.

I scooted her up a bit, grabbed her legs, her knees on my shoulders, and I got to work. I drove my tongue into her, tasting something familiar, something I’ve tasted on my own fingers – wet, juicy, pussy.

My hands traveled all over her body, her stomach, breasts. My thumbs caressed the lips of her mouth, while my tongued parted the lips of her pussy.

I wanted her to cum so badly, to forget about Trent, to forget about the heartache he caused. With my tongue coated in her delicious nectar, I licked at and sucked her clit. Seeing her arch her back, grab her own breasts, and moan loudly was incredible. It’s what she needed, and I was going to give it to her.

As she moaned, her mouth opened. I slid my fingers in for her to suck. Continuously flicking my tongue against her clit, I drove those saliva drenched fingers into her pussy.

“Come on, baby. Come on,” I whispered to my friend, watching her face, her body, looking for signs while fingering her.

I continued my care of her clit. I licked everywhere, I nibbled it and her pussy lips; I forgot to breath. I’d kiss all over her inner thigh while catching my breath.

“Come on, Kristen,” I whispered again, urging her to let go.

She arched her back once more, I saw her core muscles tense up, and her thighs slightly trembling against the side of my head. “Yes,” I thought, “cum for me, baby. Please!”

“W-Wendy!” Kristen cried out, her hands gripping my head, holding me in place, my mouth covering her clit and my fingers going in and out of her.

“Yes!” she cried out. It was so great watching her climax, watching her shake, watching her let go of all the pain


It was incredible. Trent never ate me out like that. He’d occasionally play with my clit, but nothing like Wendy. Plus her fingers, mmm, so good.

She climbed on top of me, our mouths melted together again. I tasted myself in her mouth, moaning as I swirled my tongue all around the inside of hers.

We were moaning, kissing so much, I didn’t immediately notice her thigh against my pussy – mine against hers.

I was pinned down. Her big breasts mashing against mine, her hands propping herself up above me, and our mouths joined – we fucked each other. Our grinding wasn’t fast. Our pussies, our clits, slowly banged against each other’s. Sex, this lesbian sex, with my old college friend had me cumming far quicker than sex with my Trent.

Wendy was cumming too. She broke our kiss, sucking my tongue as her mouth left mine. She peered into my eyes, “Kristen.”

I moaned into her face, “Ah! Wendy!”

“Let’s, let’s, c-cum,” she tried to speak.

“Together!” I managed to eek out as we grinded our thighs against the other’s pussy.

Staring into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily on each other’s face, Wendy and I climaxed together – and it was beautiful.

Our thighs were soaking wet with our juices. Our hearts were racing. Our bodies were going numb. Wendy fell on top of me, then rolled off, taking me with her. I rubbed her stomach, using a breast as a pillow.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“Yes,” I agreed, my eyes closed, a smile on my face.

“Kristen? Do you want to keep going?” Wendy asked me.

I raised up, kissing her lips tenderly, “Absolutely.”


We rolled around, kissing, grinding, making love through all hours of the night. I loved hearing her cry out in my arms. I loved it when she returned the favor on my pussy until I came.

I lost track of time. Kristen and I were in a 69-position, eating, licking each other’s pussies for hours. We practically sprayed each other with our juices. Her room echoed with our cries of pleasure.

On top of her again, I dangled my breast over her open mouth. I watched that tongue of hers slide out of her mouth, flicking my nipple, just like she did to my clit earlier. She sucked from me so very much.

We kept going and going, until we fell asleep, hot, sweaty, covered in each other’s essence.

We woke up a few hours later. It was after nine. I led Kristen to the shower. We immediately resumed kissing. We somehow found time to lather each other up with soap, shampoo our hair, and rinse off.

After our shower, we were right back in her bed, pussies grinding.

For lunch, we made sandwiches, finished off some wine, and kept going.

Dinner was the same. Near midnight, we were in her tub. I was kissing and licking Kristen’s feet, massaging them and her calves. I loved hearing her moan.

She straddled me in the tub, her tongue finding my mouth again. Our kissing led to us standing in the tub, leaving it, not bothering to dry off, and finding the bed.

Our pussies we practically attached for so long, so hard, all the bathwater left on our skin turned into sweat. We were exhausted, but kept going, kept fucking.

Sweat dripping from her chin, Kristen spoke up, “I think we should stay in bed the rest of your visit!”

“Yes!” I said, my hips, my pussy grinding away against hers.


Wendy, my old college friend, and now, my medicine.

Our bodies slithered together, covered in sweat and pussy juices. Shaking, moaning, climaxing over and over again, throughout her entire visit.

In brief moments of rest, I thought about Trent, how he hurt me and ended our marriage. I forgot about him when I tasted Wendy’s pussy, when I sucked her breasts, when I licked her everywhere. I forgot about him when she did all those things to me.

On her last day, we had sex until I took her to the airport. At the airport, we found a bathroom stall and went at it again. We didn’t care who came in there and heard us.

I held her hand as long as I could before reaching the security line.

Looking into her face, our smiles long since faded, we knew how much we’ll miss each other.

“So is this a one-time thing?” Wendy asked me.

“I don’t know. All I know is that I need this again,” I told her.

“Maybe I could visit again soon.”

“Or I could visit you. We can drivr by Trent’s house and have sex on the front lawn,” I said.

Wendy smiled, fighting back tears.

We hugged and kissed goodbye. I told her I loved her, she said the same.

I watched her leave, making her way through the security checkpoint. I felt better, much better. She gave her body to me to use as medicine and it worked. I had no idea how long. But for now, I felt fine.

When I got home to my empty apartment, Wendy and I having sex in my bed flashed in my mind. I smiled, looking at the empty bed.

I undressed and fingered myself to orgasm in the bathtub.

Just before going to bed, I looked up plane tickets to LA. I booked one to go see Wendy the next month. I had a feeling I’d need more medicine.

The end.


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