I Want A President Who Can Downward Dog

I want a president who has gay friends, and on weekends attends pride parades wearing pink socks with gold hearts and holds high a sign that says, “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice” and I want a president who is proud of this.

I want a president who can downward dog and Shavasana, a president that gets bendy in the Oval Office practicing handstands, and headstands, and makes plans to go on a yoga retreat when the work of running a country is done.

I want a president that loves kombucha and grows organic vegetables using composted waste, someone who used to wait tables at an organic cafe.

I want a president who drinks good green tea, loose leaf, and starts each day with gratitude, a journal, and some morning meditation.

I want a president who uses words like “spiritual” and “manifest”, someone who isn’t afraid to stop a meeting so everyone can focus on their breath a bit, a president who can talk to me about heartbreak and grief, and what loss and longing can do to a person’s soul.

I want a president who once went to a festival, forgot to shower for a few days, met a random stranger and danced the night away.

I want a president who can sway and sing along to that one Michael Franti song, “You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can’t bomb it into peace.”

I want a president who laughs at dirty jokes and has sex outdoors and has done something in the past they probably should have gone to jail for.

I want a president who has done a juice fast, a spin class, and has indulged in shots of wheatgrass.

I want a president who is familiar with anxiety, a president who has been kicked down by life and then kicked again once more, someone who understands the immaculate relevance of reverance for all of us.

I want a president who doesn’t see borders as boundaries, but rather just lines on a map drawn to keep us apart and away from the eternal idea we are all 99.9% all the fucking same.

I want a president who knows there is no there, and there is no them. There is merely us here now, all trying to exist.

I want a president who is good at love, and isn’t scared to show the world some.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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