Trust In The Things Life Throws Your Way — They Won’t Make Sense, But They Are Growing You

Dan Page
Dan Page

The four most important words you’ll ever see are these: Just trust in shit.

Just trust in shit, and believe.

Life will happen in such random, fantastic, and fabulous ways that you’ll look back and laugh at the dots you connect and you’ll learn your missteps are still an important part of the dance.

So, dance.

Shimmy and shake and groove and glide around the nightclub of your life and even when the tunes sound harsh and horrific, even when your moves feel dull and neglected, even when your feet hurt and your soul is sore, even when you can’t keep up anymore and your mind mistakes the music for madness, well, you’ve just got to feel it.

Just trust in shit.

I know sometimes it’s hard to see how you could ever be more than broken or bruised. I know when every win still feels like you’ll lose and so you sit sad and confused about how things could ever turn around for you, but guess what? Things do. Plans change. Time heals, and today might be that day when life won’t stay the same, so I beg you to maintain this modest, little mindset:

Just trust in shit.

The charred road remains of wishes you wanted and dreams you craved that didn’t quite happen and caused so much pain were simply burning you a path to success, the route less traveled to raw happiness, a detour to a scenic drive with a wild wrong turn turned shortcut to the time of your life. You might not know when, but you’ll get there in the end and you may not know how you did it, but you did.

Just trust in shit.

The universe works in the wildest, weirdest ways. It pulled light from the dark and a now from a nothing, exploded from a spark and formed life from a sunbeam. Consequently, we are all stardust made of starlight and every night we look up is a family reunion, a conscious communion with the unknown and unbelievable truth that we are all sacred and scared, suffering and bumbling bundles of beauty somehow stumbling towards truth and unity, watching for hope yet tripping on hurt in a world born from darkness just like we were.

Stars are dim yet they stay lit and the light they shine knows not what it is, but they are seen and savoured no matter how big, and so, too, are we, if we only persist.

We must only persist.

But how?

Just trust in shit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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