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I Miss Her, But I Have To Move Forward

What is it that I miss?

Do I miss her presence? Do I miss the way she walks into a room? Do I miss our shared memories? Do I miss our connected truths? Do I miss the warmth of her touch? Or do I miss the smile she gives me that comforts the soul? Do I miss our conversations? Or do I miss our arguments? Do I miss the way her hair flows in the breeze? Or how I’ll find her hair in my sheets? Do I miss the feeling of belonging? Do I miss being held? Do I miss sharing my most secret vulnerabilities? Do I miss our adventures, road trips, and staycations? Do I miss the sex?

Do I miss her?

I think I do.

But I have to move forward and accept that our paths aren’t meant to be down the same road at this time.

I miss her, but I have to move forward.

I miss her, but I need to use this space to create love and acceptance for myself.

It’s time to let go, I often tell myself, thinking I’m romanticizing the past. But maybe I am.

What is that I’m actually yearning for?

I yearn for companionship and the connection that comes with it. I yearn for affection. I want to be accepted, loved, and felt in the most vulnerable and nurturing manner. I want someone to be able to peel back each layer and see the inside of who I am.

I miss the void in my life that she left me with, but I need to pour into myself. My heart was left tender with a desire to heal.

But I do still miss her.

Some days more than others.

I can’t help but wonder if she misses me too.

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