Ladies: Stop Acting Like Silly Cows


Chivalry is NOT dead. 

It is not as easy to come by as it was when our grandparents were our age. I’ve heard it said time and time again that the reason guys were more respectful and chivalrous in the 50’s was because they were raised better. That may be true but here is the thing ladies — we are so quick to lay blame on the men that you never even consider that females are just as much to blame. 

The male chauvinistic pig, is not born, he’s made.

We all know the saying, “Why would a man buy the cow when he is getting the milk for free?” Personally, I don’t think this even has to do with sex. A farmer sells his cows milk because he has deemed it an item of value and worth. Ladies start acting like smart farmers rather than silly cows. Decide what your worth is and demand it. 

Now, before you all start running to the nearest street corner I am talking about personal worth here, not dollar amounts. 

We have all been raised in a very empowering time for women. Our predecessors have broken through the glass ceiling of the 50’s meaning of “courtship”, and have given us the right to date like men. There is nothing wrong with a lady who wants to go out, get wild, and wake up on the right side of some strangers bed. But more often than not it is this very lady who cannot figure out why none of these men call her back. 

Don’t be a silly cow. You gave him the milk, he’s not about to take you out for filet mignon. Stop throwing your cat at everything and wondering why you are only left with claw marks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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