Ladies, Be Who You Want To Be, Not Who Someone Else Wants You To Be

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REAL PEOPLE from Jenson Smith on Vimeo.

I know it’s hard to stay grounded in this time of your life. My 20s definitely took me for a ride, but don’t be too hard on yourself.” Lola reads a letter from her soon-to-be-married sister as she makes her way through a typical day in New York City. She conscientiously tries to follow her sister’s advice but finds that despite her free, bohemian attitude and wardrobe, “letting go and letting someone in” is much harder than she ever imagined it would be.

A fashion parody/short film flipping the Pinterest perfect, manic pixie dream girl world on its head. Sure, it’s fun to find cute ankle boots on sale and light candles and smile at boys, but you can’t be “light” all the time.

Women are given too little room to be themselves. So ladies, please stick to what you want- not to what others want from you. Say no. Be funny. Be serious. Be sexy. Fart. Change your mind. Laugh loudly. Disappoint. Take your time. But most importantly say hello to yourself and goodbye to guilt. Let’s start there and see what happens.

So grab a second cup of coffee and check out REAL PEOPLE starring Parker Gregory, Jessamine Kelley, Will Nunziata, Cristina Pitter, & myself, Jenson Smith

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