The Type Of Girl That Freaks Me Out


I love New York, but sometimes I feel intimidated by the women. I mean — I’m a woman lover, got lots of lady friends, but there’s this one type that…I don’t know…I can’t put my finger on. The kind who are really friendly at parties, have excellent eye contact skills, bring clever foods/baked goods, hug you with both boobs, and pretend to know you super well. I just can’t trust them. Oh, and I forgot one thing! They also tend to smell amazing. Ugh, it just makes me so angry, but also makes me want to immediately run to Sephora and get the exact same perfume and hug someone. I don’t know…. And I’m not trying to be judgmental. I’m trying to describe what it is. It’s just, it’s just…. that girl who freaks me out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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