10 Things I Have Learned The Hard Way (As A Woman)

Shutterstock / Victoria Andreas
Shutterstock / Victoria Andreas

1. If you can’t see it, don’t shave it.

2. My latex allergy.

3. Do not have sex immediately after a bikini wax.

4. More tampons, not less.

5. Sticky boobs are only good as long as they stay sticky.

6. Front clasp bras are more trouble than they’re worth.

7. Make sure your window is clear of window cleaners before you whip the vibrator out.

8. The best way to play off a queef is not to laugh uproariously.

9. You licking your lips is not as sexy as you think it is.

10. Shower sex is better when there is a bath mat involved, and perhaps knee pads. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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