When You’re Ready For Me, This Is Where You’ll Find Me

Azrul Aziz
Azrul Aziz

The end of the world is where you will find me. At the end of the darkness and light, where everything and nothing ceases to exist, there you will find me, slowly drifting away like a particle of dust caught in the light. Where everything begins and ends. That is where you will find me.

Where I’m no longer who I was, having gone through changes and hurt and laughter and joy in the sound of a scream, the echo of a cry. Where there is nothing left, in the silence of the after, and I have known what it is to have become the person I have unmade myself to become – that is where you will find me.

Where the world is hazy and my thoughts are hazy because of everything I want to do, everything that I have done.

In firsts and lasts and forevers and moments to treasure as pieces of now where my heart will burst from the intensity of feeling and shatter into flying pieces – that is where you will find me.

In lives lived and unlived and ended, falling in and out of time and repeating the same words, the same wounds, like scars I’ll never remove from my soul, constant reminders as I’m wandering through the same hopes, the same fears, the same dreams – that is where you will find me.

So come find me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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