This Is What You Should Expect From Life


Nothing. Don’t expect anything from life. Life is that time where you are free to roam, where you are your senses, and where your senses gather everything that is happening around you. We are born feeling and sensing things, even if we won’t remember them later on. We weren’t brought to life knowing we were going to live, it is the very essence of that moment where we are out and existing, which is the moment of bliss and pure enjoyment, because we do not worry for what hasn’t happened yet, and therefore we won’t be let down for having expectations.

Living in the moment is the best thing you can do; not expecting to know what the future holds is part of what living is. If you dwell on the foreshadowing of what your life will become, you are not living, you are rather, existing. You are worrying about the flood that the seemingly sunny sky has yet not given to you, and possibly won’t for months, or never at all. Expecting things from life means you have to live in the future and lose your present because of your past’s thirst for the unknown.

Life is not something to expect something from, sometimes it will just throw at you the least expected thing and you will somehow need to adjust yourself to it. It will be harder to adjust to it if you had expectations of what it would be. Whereas, with no expectations, you don’t worry about it, therefore you can adjust easier and faster. The expectancy of the future can sometimes mislead you into thinking that everything has to be controlled and orderly arranged, but how will you manage if you were given something you did not expect and then you are let down?

That is why I say life is not something to expect something from. Sometimes the most powerful and wonderful things come from spontaneous expressions such as colors, smells, experiences, sounds, textures, etc. that we know nothing of. Life is a beautiful mystery packed with emotions, and there is no fun in it if you spend it wondering what’s next. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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