5 Internal Conflicts Every College Kid Faces The Day After Finals


1. Wanting to sleep in vs. still having so much to do

Inevitably every college kid crashes after the adrenaline high of finals and with that comes the need for sleep. For most kids, the apocalypse could have happened and we would have never known because of our deep 13+ hours of sleep the day after finals. However, you still have so much left to do! Whether it’s Christmas shopping or the start of the summer, there will always be things that almost top the need for sleep, almost.

2. Getting up and doing everything vs. sitting around

Let’s face it, you’ve conquered finals, you have now earned the right to lie around and let your inner lazy bum out. But like previously stated, you still have so much to do. “Oh well” says your inner bum, “you have a whole month to do whatever you want, you can do all that stuff tomorrow.”

3. Making appointments vs. hearing from your mother

With long breaks also comes every mother reminding you to make a dentist, doctor and hair appointments. While, yes you are technically an adult now, if you disregard these constant motherly reminders to schedule said appointments, you will never stop hearing about it. The first week of rebelliousness works well until you get tired of being reminded over and over again until you finally break down figuring shots would be less painful than hearing your mother say one more time, “If you don’t make that dentist appointment, you’ll lose all your teeth and then you’ll never have a boyfriend.”

4. Reading vs. not reading

You’ve dominated finals, which means you have the speed-reading abilities of a champion and, hopefully, the grades to prove it. However, once you get home and see all your favorite novels sitting there on the shelf, you’re inner nerd gets the best of you and you begin searching for your favorite novel to read over again while drinking a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Even though the thought of reading makes your brain hurt, you realize the charming seductress that is Scarlet O’Hara is calling to you too loudly to ignore.

5. Taking a nap vs. taking a nap

Although this does seem like a win-win situation, and it usually is, you know that taking a nap now means getting less sleep at night. However, since this is a win-win situation, that just gives you more time to Netflix binge later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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