Things I Wish They Had Said

Jรถrg Schubert
Jรถrg Schubert

Some things go in your ears and become festering internal bleeding
“I have no use for you. I’m going to jerk off in the bathroom.”
Petty, compared to,
“Go to the couch and think about what you’ve done!” Or, always, it’s,
“The bad outweighs the good.”
I wish they’d said
That nothing you could ever do would make me think differently of you
You are just not like other people
I may never understand how you feel, but that matters less
Than having you near me always.
I wish they’d all said
Of course the good outweighs the bad! Of course!
I wish they’d said
You’ll always have me.
I wish they’d said, let’s go to Vegas. TC mark


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