Someday You’ll Find The Person Who Loves You Just Like This

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Adriana Velasquez

The person who loves you will do so outwardly.

They will let their love be loud and clear. You will not have to invent it in your head. You will not have to wonder, the entire time you read this, if it is them.

You will not have to think of excuses for why they are not pursuing your heart or asking about your day or comparing you to a perfect sunset.

The person who loves you will love you expressively. Obviously. Wholeheartedly. Bravely. Fearlessly.

They will let you know they’ve chosen you. You will not have to question whether they are giving the same affection to someone else. You will not have to check your phone repeatedly with an expression of disappointment. You will not have to write mean things about yourself in your journal.

You waste so much time inventing love inside of people who are not dreaming it back into you. Why do you do that?

If they aren’t calling, if they aren’t under the impression that your heart is the most sacred path they could ever have the honor of exploring, if they aren’t showing up – let it go. Someone else will. One thousand other people will.

You have got to let go of this propensity to dig love up from the sources that are with-holding it from you; forcing your shovel into rock-hard, dry dirt. You are a well-spring of love already. Give yourself this kind of love. Rip up the story that tells you love has to be an impossible, painful thing. A thing that breaks your back. It does not need to be.

You have already endured enough wreckage. Love yourself. Love someone who is vulnerable and kind and answers the questions within you. Let yourself be loved by someone who does not make you chase them into the landfill.

There was a time for sinking, but now, you rise.

The person who loves you will not try to be your source of oxygen or the thing that steals your breath. The person who loves you will just want to breathe with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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