In Light Of Las Vegas, We Need To Make America Strong Again

Two women stand with an American flag draped over their shoulders in solidarity
Unsplash / Courtney Hedger

It has been a little over a week since the awful shooting that took place in Las Vegas. I find myself thinking: when is this all going to stop?

There has been enough silence when it comes to gun control.

We shouldn’t live in a world where people cannot go to an outdoor concert. We shouldn’t live in a world where people cannot go to a nightclub without a madman coming in and destroying countless families and lives.

How many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends have to die before we say enough is enough?

I don’t know what the right solution to all of this is, but I do know something has to be done. There has been one too many moments of silence for victims. When I think of all the lives that have been cut short, my heart breaks.

I see our President more focused on picking fights with late-night talk show hosts, bad-mouthing people on Twitter, and attempting to control women’s reproductive rights.

I am infuriated and disappointed. We have an out of control toddler in the Oval Office that says things without thinking of the repercussions. The world seems to be filled with so much hate and anger, but in the end I know hate will not win.

In the wake of all of the disasters that have taken place, you see the good of the human spirit come out. People are helping their neighbors, and they are even helping complete strangers. I choose to believe that love and kindness will prevail. We cannot succeed as a divided nation, and it is unfortunate that our leader does not recognize this.

Together, with our words and our actions, we can continue to drown out the hateful rhetoric that seems to have risen. Hate cannot win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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