4 Things To Do After A Break Up To Make It Much Less Painful

1. Don’t check any of their social media accounts.

Stalking them online will only bring you pain, so it is best to delete and block. If they post a picture of themselves smiling or with someone else it may feel like your heart is being broken all over again. How can they be happy when you feel so sad? Did they ever really love you?

2. Put away everything they’ve ever given you.

Pictures, letters, and other gifts should be put in a box and stored away. Having all those reminders out in the open will make it harder to move on. You may even look back in a couple of years and be glad you didn’t burn it all. It may become a nice memory.

3. Don’t check their horoscope.

Maybe I’m the only lunatic that does this. I get worked up only to be disappointed when things don’t go my way. Thanks a lot Universe.

4. Remind yourself that you are going to be okay.

Even if you don’t believe it just keep saying it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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