6 Things I Am SO Tired Of Hearing As A Cashier

1. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Yes, but even if I didn’t I would not go out with you.

2. Me: “Can I have your phone number? It’s for our system.”
Customer: “Only if you give me yours.”

OMG so clever. It’s not like I haven’t heard that before.

When I ask you for your information I am not hitting on you. You are old enough to be my grandfather and definitely not my type.

3. Don’t ask me to give you coupons. We are not allowed to give them to customers. Yes, I have them but if I give them to you I could lose my job.

4. “Are you the only cashier working?” Clearly I am if there is only one register open.

5. “Can I use this coupon?” If it clearly says the date on it and it’s either expired or not valid yet then no you can’t. I can’t miraculously make it work for you.

6. “Even though the sale is next week can I have the discount now?” Oh, you want me to move up the sale that has been advertised for weeks? Yeah, I’ll get right on that Queen Elizabeth.

I’m not saying all retail jobs are like this, but mine is. It has made my dislike of people soar to an all-new high. If your job is not like this then consider yourself incredibly lucky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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