8 Myths About HS That We Need To Debunk Immediately — VIDEO

When it comes to Hidradenitis Suppurativa, there’s a lot that’s misunderstood. For starters, many people have never even heard of HS, let alone have a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms, or possible courses of treatment.

Between having to hear suggestions like “showering more” or other offenses, as well as trying to navigate the constant reality of either living in excruciating and sometimes even unbearable pain, or at least with pronounced marks, scars, and other visible signs of the disease, HS is hard enough — our misunderstandings only make it worse.

Here, we unpack 8 of the most common myths about HS, from causes to diagnoses to treatments. Whether it’s you, someone you love, or someone you may not know, knowledge is power, and it’s how we move forward together.