Things Tumblr Users Like To Post

1. Screencaps From Sofia Coppola Movies

People on tumblr LOVE posting pictures from Sofia Coppola movies for some reason. There’s just something so artsy and original about a shot of a depressed Kirsten Dunst looking like she wants to kill herself and dressed as either Lux Lisbon or Marie Antoinette. It kind of makes sense that people would be drawn to the aesthetic of Sofia Coppola’s movies since she has a gift for taking something depressing and turning it into something beautiful (I love Sofia, I’ll admit it.)

2. Pictures With Incredibly Depressing Captions

Posting a black and white picture with a caption that says something like “I wish I was happy” or “suicide is painless” is the perfect way to get out all of the angst that is in your heart and put it on the internet for the world to see. Whatever happened to feeling things without letting 300 million people know about it?

3. Pictures of Famished Models

Pictures of models or girls that look like they live off of half a carrot and a line of cocaine a day are hot commodities in the Tumblr world. Can you see all of her ribs, her hipbones and her spine? Perfect! Does she look like she could collapse from malnutrition any minute? Even better! Is she wearing an outfit that costs more than you make in a year? Great!

4. Pictures of Food

Tumblr is the place to go if you want to look at your calories on a screen instead of actually consuming them. Popular food items posted on Tumblr include cupcakes, pizza, ice cream and for the more health conscious extravagant displays of fruit. There are even whole Tumblrs dedicated to “food porn” (two words that I would have never thought of putting together.)

5. Pictures of Kurt Cobain

People on Tumblr love Kurt Cobain. Long haired Kurt, short haired Kurt, Kurt and Courtney, Kurt and his daughter, Kurt with Nirvana are all popular among the Tumblr crowd.

6. Pictures of France

Tumblr users love all things French. Those weird looking multi-colored macaroons, the Eiffel tower, Monte Carlo, Versailles, quotes in French that chances are nobody can actually understand … it can all be found on Tumblr. Can you imagine what would happen if Tumblr decided to give a free ticket to Paris to one of its users? These girls would shit their pants. This one kind of annoys me because I feel like people think they’re so original because they want to speak French and live in an apartment overlooking the Eiffel tower but in all actuality everyone else probably wants to do that too.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Line 25

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