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A Day In The Life Of A Mental Hospital

9:47 am: Code one! A 90-pound schizophrenic girl screams and punches the walls (she hears voices and sees monsters that aren’t there) and a code team is called to sedate and restrain her. Incidents like this are uncommon in your unit but not unheard of. They take her away, kicking and screaming.

Things Tumblr Users Like To Post

Tumblr users love all things French. Those weird looking multi-colored macaroons, the Eiffel tower, Monte Carlo, Versailles, quotes in French that chances are nobody can actually understand … it can all be found on Tumblr.

The Worst Guys I’ve Ever Hooked Up With

Stephen was like my personal frat boy Barbie who came complete with a nasty coke problem and a bad eating disorder. Stephen’s diet consisted of coke, coke, adderall, more coke, weed and the occasional leaf of lettuce (seriously, the only food I ever saw him eat was salad, this boy ate more salad than I did).