The Reality Of Being ‘The Fantasy Girl’


This is the truth about being a fantasy girl and spoiler alert: it isn’t what you dreamed it to be. It is more about being an “idea” than an actual real person. It is the fantasy versus the reality. It is the chase of wanting something unattainable. It is about a hyped up desire that only leaves you disappointed. It is a drug and the come down is never worth it.

Do not get me wrong there are times where you feel on top of the world. Feeling wanted will never get old but being constantly objectified will. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty, but there should be more than that. They should want more than that from you. Being a trophy may be shiny, but you are still an object. The novelty of being desired does not compare to someone loving you for who you are.

Men do not know what it is like to be objectified like this, to have someone want you just to purely brag about you. Once they are done, they will just put you on a shelf with their other “accomplishments” or conquests would be more appropriate. You will become an anecdote to their glory days.

When you are a fantasy girl you aren’t real. They do not want to know you. They want you to be who they “imagined” you to be, nothing more nothing less. You are just the novelty of being with the girl “no one could get”. The second that victory wears off they will get bored with you because you were never a human being to them you were just a doll. The fantasy girl will be the one who falls the hardest because these men put you on such a high pedestal. They built you up just to take you down.

It can be so difficult for women to decipher what is true and what is just a game. Time is not always true telling, they can chase you for years and give up the second they have you. There is no way to tell what is genuine from what is fake, you just have to trust your feelings. Sometimes you are right and sometimes you fall (by fall… I mean they pushed you). This is the Serena Van der Woodsen syndrome.

“Well I’m sorry I’m not who you thought I was.”

In the early Dan and Serena days, Dan claimed he fell in love with Serena at a party in freshman year (when he saw her for about 2.5 seconds). The point is he never really knew who Serena was. He fell in love with this idea, this character he created Serena to be. Dan fell in love with this fantasy girl and was then disappointed when she wasn’t who he thought she was. He never really got to know her at this point, but he still judged her. By making Serena the “fantasy girl” her fate was now fatal. The reality never lives up to the fantasy.

The fantasy girl doesn’t have a chance to be who she really is, because you have already decided who that is for her. She is left lost wondering why you don’t want her anymore. The truth is you never wanted her, you never knew her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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