Here's What Kind Of Boyfriend You Are, Based On Your Birth Month

Here’s What Kind Of Boyfriend You Are, Based On Your Birth Month


The Big Boss Man

You are the first month foremost and being “number 1” represents who you are. You always have your eye on the prize. You have incredibly high standards and demand nothing but the best. Nonetheless, your partner must represent your values. While no doubt you are very successful and undeniably a “catch,” life is more than a checklist. While all your checkmarks line up, a law degree may not mean more than emotional intelligence. You speak with your resume and not your heart.

There is something sexy about the dominant suit type. We can’t help but bite our lip when you want to control us in the bedroom. It is nice to feel like you can take care of us. While you are generous, presents do not always make up for absence. You treat your girlfriend like a princess and not a queen.


Sexy Lost Boy

A lost boy with a heart of gold. This is the Jess Mariano type. You tell us you love us, then you leave town before we could utter a response. You seek adventure, you crave the chase, you live for the thrill. You drive us crazy, but hating you is like hating a puppy. You say sorry with your big eyes and we forget you just ate our favorite heels. You aren’t the most reliable, but you are the most genuine. You care deeply or not at all. There is no in between with you. We can never tell where we stand, reading you is like trying to understand Shakespeare for the first time. The mystery of you is what keeps us here. You could keep us guessing our entire lives. You are the sweet boy that stole our heart and the bad boy that left all at the same time.


The Lovable Weirdo

You seem different. Odd to the untrained eye, unique but strangely perfectly. You are a puzzle that challenges us. You have many different layers and it would be impossible to define you as “one thing.” We can’t put our finger on it, we don’t know why we find you so irresistible. This relationship doesn’t make sense, yet somehow it completes us. You are something we never thought we wanted. You are something we never saw coming, but now all of sudden we need you and we don’t know why. Life before you seems unimaginable. You have this lovable charm, you know how to make us feel special. Yet you do this in a way that’s different. You make us feel like we could be your soulmate. You have this ability to make us connect even when we barely know you. You don’t shower us with gifts or compliments. You love us with admiration and support. You give us the confidence to build us up, not just to take our clothes off. You speak with purpose but you aren’t calculated. You analyze us so easily, but we have no idea where to begin with you.

You are filled with mixed emotions and mixed signals. One minute we are everything, the next we could be nothing. It is like we are reading a Stephen King novel and we don’t know if we are going to make it out dead or alive. This constant on edge feeling is what keeps us in love with you. It is always raining before we can see the rainbow.


The Secret Weapon

You have the motivation of a killer. You won us over with flattery and months of determination. You give a new meaning to the word persistent. You never give up on anything in your life. But like most boys, you love a challenge more than anything. Once you have us you will ultimately feel bored. You need the drama to have the passion. You can seem focused and studious when you need to finish a task, but you are an untamed beast. While you seem to have it all together on your good days, there is a monster that lies within. You are a go-getter AKA you are stressed AF. The way you release all that tension is to dominate your partner. You have this need to take control and to take care of others. You like feeling powerful and strong. Just remember to keep the drama for the bedroom.


All In

You love us with your whole heart, when you get into a relationship it is all or nothing. You are quite romantic and your morals mean a lot to you. Unfortunately, your morals can come off as being stubborn. You might be more attracted to the “idea” of someone rather than the reality of who they really are. You are very genuine and like to fix people. You can’t help but want to save every damsel in distress that crosses your path. This fire looks like passion, but it is really just a burn waiting to happen. Saving someone broken does not make you more complete. You look for answers in other people that you need for yourself. You avoid your own problems by indulging in other people. Nothing ever seems to match up to the fairytale that you have created in your head. You are left disappointed because you put all the right efforts into the wrong person.


The One Man Show

If you get easily bored, search no more the June man is for you. You will feel like you are dating at least 5 different people. They have a diversified range of interests and enjoy wearing many hats. The problem is they do not know which hat they like the most. Best case scenario they juggle everything perfectly and you are dating Superman. The more realistic scenario is they could be struggling with an identity crisis or worse they do not know what they want…. The June man is far from decisive.

He prefers to sample all the flavors before buying the ice cream, and even then he ends up with frozen yogurt. While he seems so interesting and so talented, no one is that perfect. If he does not know what he wants with himself, how will he know what he wants from you? One day you are the one for him. He is shoving you into the nearest coat closet to hook up at a party because he can’t keep his hands off you. The next week he disappears. He makes you feel like his everything and then he takes it away because he isn’t sure he is ready.


The Show Off

You are the giver in the relationship, but nothing comes for free. You seek praise and attention. You want all your good deeds to be noticed. If you feel unappreciated this could lead to resentment. You want your girlfriend to know she has the best boyfriend possible. You go out of your way to get the best reservations for dinner in town. You deliver midnight coffee runs when she has an exam the next day. You go above and beyond. This seems like this is all for her, but truthfully you are doing this for you. You need the validation from her. You need her love and approval to feel complete. While you can be the sweetest of them all, you can quickly turn to sour and your partner will not know why. You are very sensitive and if you feel rejected you can become passive-aggressive. Your feelings could be valid, but without communicating them properly, your relationship is left hopeless. You are secretly always upset or disappointed and your partner will continue to take advantage of you because you never expressed anything was wrong. Nothing can change if you do not speak up.


The Class Clown

Everything is a joke to you. It’s funny because it’s true. You won us over with your humor. You make us laugh when we want to cry. Never underestimate the power of a man who can make you laugh. You love to be the center of attention- while this charm is what made us fall in love with it, it is also what can tear us apart. You must proceed with caution with a confident man like this. Although we know it is all fun and games, sometimes your “jokes” can be perceived as flirting. You can’t blame your partner for being jealous. They want your attention all to themselves. Just like you do not want to share the spotlight, they do not want to share you.


The Moulder

You are not the biggest fan of change. As Ross Geller said, “nobody likes change.” You are a busy bee and your social calendar is always buzzing. You prefer to make your partner your perfect plus one. You like to mold them into the best possible version of themselves. You want to show them off and take them everywhere with you. You can be a bit of a “fixer.” Your partner is the project you never gave up. While you may have their best interest at heart, this can sometimes come off as controlling. Your partner can feel like you are trying to change them. Ironically this is more about you than them.

You have a perfect routine down pat. You do not want to change your lifestyle. You want your partner to adjust to your schedule, while you make little compromises for them. You may see this as “helping” them. However, they need to have a life without you. The September man may not be needy, but they like to be needed.


The Positive Pick Me Up

You are the supportive guy, who gives us a piggyback ride at the end of the night. With forehead kisses and “good luck on your interview!” texts. Your positive energy radiates off your contagious smile. Your carefree, easygoing attitude is everything your girlfriend needs to hear. You are the perfect self-esteem boost when your partner is stressed. You always make your partner believe in themselves. You are an advocate for self-love.

However sometimes your “don’t worry be happy” motto, can come off as a little annoying….Not everyone glides through life. You need more than just good faith. Everything will not always fall into place magically. As the great Blair Wardolf said:

“Destiny is for losers. It is just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”

While we appreciate your positive energy October Man, sometimes our freakouts are valid and you are stressing us out by being so happy all the time.


The Rollercoaster Ride

You constantly keep us on your toes. You are strong yet, sensitive. You are always there for us, but you also can be very needy. We never know what to expect from you. You are constantly surprising us, yet we never doubt your love. You are the definition of a rollercoaster ride, you bring us to our high and see us at our lows. As exhausting as this is, it is still invigorating in every way possible. You stimulate our mind, body, and soul. You never tell us what we want to hear, but you tell us what we need to hear. You are not the sweet talker whispering in our ear. You tell us the beautiful truth, not the pretty lies.


The In The Moment Man

You do not tend to overthink. You jump before you look. You are the type of guy to ask for forgiveness later instead of asking for permission first. You are adventurous to the core. You would surprise us with skydiving lessons for our anniversary. While you go wherever the wind takes you, you never do something you do not want to do. You are unapologetically honest. Sometimes this frivolous honesty can come off as inconsiderate. Truth be told you simply can not commit to anything that your heart isn’t in. If there is no passion there is no match for you.

Your attention span is shorter than a toddler. You get bored and can give up far too easily. You need someone that always keeps you intrigued to stay interested. You are authentic and cannot “fake” love. If you are not into it will be written all over your face. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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