This Is What Disney Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Pisces: Ariel

You are the sign of the escapist. You are a desperate daydreamer, and just want to be a Part of their World. You love water, your sign is literally a fish.

You tend to be overly trusting, which is why you traded in your voice to begin with. You romanticize everything, you fell in love with a boy you never even met in real life. You hate know-it alls, like your father.

You have a diluted sense of reality, but you are artistic and beautiful. You are intuitive and can read others like no tomorrow. You live in a world, we wish we could believe in.

Aries: Jasmine

You are a girl of adventure. You live the real life hangover every day, you have a pet tiger.

You can be impatient and short-tempered, and you hate being LIED to. You are aggressive and usually take on a leadership role. You hate being told what to do, especially by a man.

If you do not agree with the rules, then they are meant to be broken. As her father said “The law says you must be married to a prince by your 21st birthday”, Jasmine replied “The law is wrong”.

Taurus: Tinker Bell

Taurus is the most reliable sign. No one is more reliable than Peter Pan’s sidekick. You are incredibly devoted. You are feisty and would like more recognition and credit.

You are highly committed, but sometimes you can come off as stubborn. You can be possessive and you hate change (you were not a huge fan of Wendy’s).

Just like Peter, you want everything to remain the same and stay in Neverland forever.

Gemini: Alice In Wonderland

You are on some next level stuff Alice, and everyone wants to party with you. You are incredibly social and like to be surrounded by exciting people.

You love meeting new people, but you can be flighty and tend to disappear. Your sign is a twin, and sometimes it feels like you can be living in two different worlds.

You tend to get lost in the search of your next adventure. You hate being alone and confined. Most of all you hate routine. You can be restless, but you are extremely curious.

Cancer: Cinderella

You are the sign of the homemaker. You are the trophy housewife. You paid your dues, sweeping chimneys and mopping, now it is time to cash in. You are the most emotional sign. You tend to be a little insecure, which is why your step-sisters walk all over you.
You love helping others, but tend to be a bit pessimistic when it comes to yourself.
Believe in yourself Cancer, and the glass slipper will fit!

Leo: Nala

Although Simba may be the King of the Jungle, he would be nothing without his queen. Your sign is a lion, you enjoy the attention and to take centre stage.

You need to feel praised. You hate being ignored or forgotten about and you won’t stand for that injustice. You are the epitome of “girl best friend”, you have Simba’s back even when he abandoned you.

You have the power to achieve anything, even winning back Pride Rock. You can be arrogant, but usually you can back it up.

Sometimes your pride can get the best of you, but you will always “Be Prepared”.

Virgo: Belle

Bookworm girl next door. You are a perfectionist at your core. You are incredibly hard-working and you are admired for it. You are the type of girl, that likes to change a boy.

You like a project, but it may not always be worth it! You can be overly judgemental. You struggle with keeping friends since you are so critical! “Little Town, Full of Little People”.

Not every detail always has to be perfect. There can be beauty in a beast.

Libra: Snow White

You are a bro. You live with 7 dudes. I would play beer pong with you. Every girl is jealous of you.

You are the fairest of them all. Like true Libra nature, you get along with mostly everyone.

Not many other people can live with 7 different personalities as effortlessly as you can. You tend to care about the harmony of others, before yourself.

You can be too trusting with those you love. Sometimes you pay the price for that and bite into a poison apple. Not everyone wants the best for you, Libra.

Scorpio: Meg from Hercules

Scorpio’s tend to be the tease of the zodiac. Like Meg, they have been hurt before and will not stand for that again. They protect their heart greatly, which can sometimes backfire.

They are the most difficult sign to get along with. They are so concerned with number 1, they don’t let others in easily.

People fall quickly for Scorpio’s passion and desire, but they don’t tend to stay. While putting on a hard front, they can come off as secretive and untrusting.

It is hard to ever truly read a Scorpio’s real motive. Scorpio’ are determined and they will do whatever it takes to to win.

Meg shows no remorse for using Hercules, as she claims he is putting on a “innocent farm boy routine”. Scorpio’s love the truth and they love being right.

Sagittarius: Aladdin

Sagittarius are known to be the sign of the “Yes Man”. They are idealistic with a great sense of humour.

They truly want to do everything they promise, but most of the time they can’t deliver. They love their freedom and travelling, thankfully they have a magic carpet to get them around!

They are fun-loving people, who tend to be overly optimistic. They do strive for a luxurious lifestyle, which is why they are pretending to be a prince!
They live for experiences and wants to see a “Whole New World”.

Capricorn: Mulan

Capricorn’s are extremely hard-working, and their accomplishments mean a lot to them. You are a true underdog story. You enjoy proving people wrong, who didn’t believe in you.

You are very responsible and obedient. Family traditions and pleasing others is important to you, but you still stand up for what you believe in.

You are not afraid of a good fight, because you always expect the worst. You have an insane amount of self-control.

Aquarius: Captain Jack Sparrow

You live to fight for a cause, but you are so mysterious most of the time we can’t tell what side you are on!

Aquarius’s are progressive and original, but tend to be uncompromising. You are independent, but you can be aloof. You are extremely intellectual and care about world issues.

You have great friends who love you, but most of the time they can’t keep track of you! You are the ghost of the zodiac.

You like your alone time a little too much, you forget you can hurt others when you are so distant. Like every pirate, you tend to put your adventure above everything else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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