Is This Why You Chose Her?

Everton Vila
Everton Vila

You chose her, because she knew what she wanted
You chose her, because she didn’t need to play games
You chose her, because she was safe

You no longer felt like chasing someone who was difficult
You were tired of proving yourself for someone who couldn’t trust you
When playing hard to get, stopped being cute
You just wanted something easy to come home to
I was no longer a challenge just a complication

You couldn’t repair the years of resentment I built
You couldn’t keep drying my insecure tears
You couldn’t keep fighting for someone ,who fell out of love with you
You couldn’t keep waiting for the people we used to be, to come back

You just wanted someone who could only love you
You wanted someone who could simply love you back

Without confusion and what ifs
Without bringing up indiscretion of years past

You wanted to live in a love now
And stop living in the past
You missed our memories, but that wasn’t enough to keep you holding onto me
You chose someone new
I am honestly happy for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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