This Is Why She Goes Back To You

Kaitlin Shelby
Kaitlin Shelby

She goes back

Because its all she knows

She goes back to comfort

Because she is afraid to grow

She doesn’t know

How to love something new

When all she ever knew

Doesn’t love her anymore

But its okay

Don’t cry for her

She doesn’t love them back

But that’s the only thing they have in common

They are just too addicted to coming back

They don’t even talk

Shirts come off before conversations start

She tries so hard to remember

What she used to like about him

This habit has become a defense mechanism

And all these so called friends

Have all moved on

While she is fighting for dear life

To get back what she never really liked

Its sick how afraid she is

How behind she is

She has everything and more than any girl can want

But all she wants

Is to know what she wants

And all she feels is nothing

So she goes back on your porch

And wishes she loved you

But she doesn’t and he knows it too Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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