This Is How You Make Me Yours

Matthew Henry

Hold My Heart

It can break if you drop it and you’ve always been clumsy. I’ve seen you fall before, then let good things slip. But I only care that you’re being careful. I’ll try as long as I feel your tight grip, refusing to let go.

Kiss My Soul

At first, be gentle. Start out slow, and then maybe get a little rough as we discover our rhythm and get to know each other. Show me sweet. Show me crazy. Show me you. Lick my wounds, mark me with your playful love bites; I trust you. Leave me craving the taste of your presence.

Fuck My Brain

After you’ve made out with my soul, mind fuck me. Challenge me; leave me breathlessly in awe of you. Show me why I can’t get enough. Impress me with your wit and humor. And don’t stop until I’ve climaxed without your touch, over the thought of you.

And once the night is over and the sun shines on our nakedness, stay. Let’s have deep pillow talk and share our dreams & nightmares over some breakfast together — like food for thought. Be there for me; I want to be there for you to hold your heart, kiss your soul, and fuck your brain too — an all in one — best friend and lover Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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